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New iPad expectations high, with Apple’s mobile legacy at stake

ProntoForms excels on the current iPad versions

When Apple CEO Tim Cook made the announcement of the company’s new iPad release this week, the expectations were raised and the anticipation began for the new tablet’s version.

And that’s where Apple’s at. Every new tablet puts its legacy on the line, its reputation as a market creator and leader. The critics are ready to pounce and the haters are already out in full force. Even the lack of a legacy name for the new tablet version has drawn the ire of some. Its stock price took a small initial dip following Cook’s announcement.

Still, the iPad is the greatest selling tablet and there’s no doubt that the new tablet will fly off the shelves (both virtual and physical).

As you can imagine, since ProntoForms works well on the current iPads in circulation, you can be sure that our mobile data solution will be optimized for the latest iPad upon its release.

Tablet use in the business world is a growing phenomenon and ProntoForms is compatible with all the major tablet and smartphone devices.

Feedback from ProntoForms clients who use our mobile business solution on iPads and iPhones has been very positive overall. We know how important it is for our service to continue to be user-friendly, and we’re always looking to make more improvements.

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One thought on “New iPad expectations high, with Apple’s mobile legacy at stake

  1. I have been looking for sometime now to cut back on the repeated steps that we have to take through paper forms. I feel that eliminating forms through an electronic software along with other operational features should make our company much more effective and efficient.

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