Customized - your forms gone mobile
Employees in the field quickly and easily enter data into their Samsung Galaxy Note. Increase productivity with a larger screen size and the S pen.

Web Portal Management and Reporting
Create and manage forms, dispatch jobs and monitor teams in the field.

Export & Connect
Easily generate reports, connect to cloud services, and integrate with your back office.

The best multi-input experience on the go

Together, ProntoForms from AT&T and the Galaxy Note provide you with the ability to freely capture, access and share data from anywhere and everywhere. Use ProntoForms along with the S Pen and full touch screen for a best-in-class mobile business solution. Convert your workflow to digital and see how ProntoForms and the Galaxy Note can deliver you accurate results and a more efficient process on the go. Get real-time results from the field and enjoy a richer interactive mobile business experience.

The SAFEā„¢ Solution: Samsung Approved For Enterprise

SAFE-certified devices meet rigorous security criteria and are configured specifically with enterprise use in mind. The deployment of the SAFE Samsung Galaxy Note helps ensure that your organization's mobile workforce is protected to the greatest possible degree through comprehensive features like On-Device Encryption and Mobile Device Management (MDM). SAFE devices are also equipped with enhanced features that maximize efficiency and productivity through Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity and enhanced Corporate Email/Calendar/Contact features.

See ProntoForms customers taking the Galaxy SII for a test drive


Teams in the field quickly & easily access and enter data using their mobile devices.

  • We move your forms onto mobile devices
  • Captures: text, photos, signatures, barcodes
  • Geo stamp location of form submissions
  • Look-up tables to retrieve the latest customer information, inventory, schedules, parts numbers, or pricing
  • Skip logic, provides smart navigation based on answers through forms
  • Calculations built into form to save time in the field
  • Easy to install & set-up on your favorite mobile device
  • Functions online or offline

Create and manage forms, dispatch jobs and monitor teams in the field.

  • Better organize and monitor team activities
  • Dispatch work orders to the team in the field (either individually or in group dispatches) via the ProntoForms Web Portal Interface and eliminate wasteful trips to the office
  • Pre-populate forms. No repeat data entry
  • Manage, organize and create your own forms
  • Dashboard real-time reporting and notification options
  • Share specific forms with specific field employees and teams
  • Geo-location with form submission
  • No server or hardware requirements

Easily generate reports, connect to clould services, and integrate with your back office system.

  • Automated uploads by FTP or HTTP (PUT & POST)
  • Sharepoint back-office connectivity
  • Cloud services connectivity: Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox and
  • Export to PDF, CSV, DOCX, XML
  • Form submission notifications via Email, Facebook and Twitter
  • REST API Interface to your office system
  • Professional Services available for customized connection & integration