Alcon makes service pay off with ProntoForms and ServiceMax

Alcon is the largest eye care device company in the world. As the global leader in eyecare, the company works in over 70 countries and serves patients in more than 140 countries. The Switzerland-based group’s impact is impressive. Their dedication to improving the lives of those who live with eye conditions is admirable.

The company’s services team sought to transform its service business into a true profit center. Alcon was aiming to leverage a single, asset-centric field service management (FSM) platform that would allow them to meet compliance regulations, standardize and automate manual processes, and equip engineers with the tools needed to deliver the highest level of service possible.

ServiceMax as the FSM foundation

After defining their goals, Alcon established that they required a field service management platform built on that offered both complete flexibility and a 360-degree view into all business functions. After evaluating vendors, they selected ServiceMax as their FSM platform of choice and rolled it out to 600+ field service engineers and 100 tech support agents in over 100 countries.

Alcon brought field workers into the fold and kept them in the loop about their implementation plan and the features they were looking to leverage. The aim was to increase advocacy and adoption amongst users via positive word of mouth amongst field engineers. As an aside, this activity is something that ProntoForms strongly believes in doing when introducing our product in the field.

ProntoForms advanced forms manage field service complexity

Before deploying ProntoForms, Alcon’s engineers used smart PDFs to capture information on the equipment they worked with. The risk with this method was the creation of multiple versions, which could result in the wrong PDF being attached to a case.

With ProntoForms’ Advanced Forms, Alcon avoids this situation, giving technicians the correct version without fail. These forms have removed time-consuming manual activities involving digital signatures and connecting forms to a case. Audits are a breeze given ProntoForms’ ability to pass field data to the correct location where it can be readily accessed by all who need it.

“ServiceMax and ProntoForms are incredible at dealing with very complex, sophisticated, highly-regulated work and both solutions have been crucial to our success.”

Keith Olodort, Global Systems Deployment Lead, Alcon

The results are clear to see

ProntoForms and ServiceMax deliver solid business results. Alcon’s digital transformation using our combined solutions has saved the company a whopping 1,500 hours per year thanks to improved tracking processes and reduced admin work by approximately 50 hours per month within the first six months of deployment.

Alcon is no longer caught up in the pressure to transform its service business into a profit center. They have successfully achieved this goal. The company is freed up to focus on new, innovative ways to accelerate service revenue growth, including technology solutions such as IoT, AI, and predictive service.

Want to learn more about Alcon’s field service success?

Check out our case study to get the complete story on how ProntoForms and ServiceMax helped Alcon transform its service business. If you’d like to see ProntoForms in action, we invite you to sign up for a demo. We’d love to tell you more about the positive business results we’ve helped companies achieve.

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