Announcing the launch of ProntoForms Teamwork Direct Transfer

ProntoForms Teamwork Direct Transfer gives you an additional way to move incomplete Teamwork-enabled forms between technicians.

Wait. Hold the phone! Especially if it’s being used to transfer work between technicians. We’ve added a new option for a field service tech to transfer partially completed form submissions directly to another technician.  Announcing ProntoForms Teamwork Direct Transfer.

A Refresher on ProntoForms Teamwork   

Let’s go back to square one and give you a quick refresher on ProntoForms Teamwork before sharing any more details on ProntoForms Teamwork Direct Transfer.  

ProntoForms Teamwork was launched early this year and is an enterprise tier feature that enables you to transfer incomplete forms between mobile users. Teamwork shines when you wish to transfer a multi-day job between different people, escalate and reassign jobs to specialists if necessary, or have a replacement technician continue the work if the original technician is suddenly called away.  

With the initial launch of Teamwork, two options for moving incomplete forms between technicians were available.  

  1. Web Portal Reassign. Using the Web Portal, a ProntoForms admin can unassign/reassign an incomplete/unassigned form. (Always enabled for Teamwork-enabled forms).  
  1. Mobile Search & Claim. A mobile user can search for incomplete forms and claim unassigned ones. (Optional for Teamwork-enabled forms).  

A third transfer method is now available. ProntoForms Teamwork Direct Transfer.  

ProntoForms' Teamwork Direct Transfer gives you an additional way to move incomplete Teamwork-enabled forms between technicians.

What is ProntoForms Teamwork Direct Transfer? 

ProntoForms’ Teamwork Direct Transfer gives you an additional way to move incomplete Teamwork-enabled forms between technicians. With Direct Transfer, a mobile user can transfer an incomplete form to the user of their choosing, and the form appears in that person’s inbox. This action eliminates the need for a ProntoForms admin to reassign, or a user to search and claim the form.  

Get started today 

Additional configuration needs to be performed to enable this new feature on your forms. Consult our Product Documentation Portal for information on how to make Direct Transfer work for you. If you have any questions about Direct Transfer or to share your valuable knowledge about this feature, please visit the ProntoForms community to collaborate with your citizen developer peers. 

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