Announcing Repeatable Destinations for Salesforce

Repeatable Destinations resolve the issue of getting structured repeated data into Salesforce. Now you can create a single destination per Repeatable Section.

Your ProntoForms experience is only getting better and better with every new feature we release. At EMPOWER’21, we shared a sneak peek of what we have planned for you, and we’re thrilled to unveil yet another feature for customers on Advanced or Enterprise Tiers to leverage.

Introducing Repeatable Destinations for Salesforce.

The situation

The current process of creating a Salesforce data destination per data row can be time-consuming. While Citizen Developers can use repeatable sections to reduce the configuration needed to perform this action in a form, it has not been easy to get structured data into third-party, field-based destinations such as Salesforce.

Until now.

The solution. Use a Repeatable Destination?

Repeatable Destinations resolve the issue of getting structured repeated data into Salesforce. Instead of having to configure one destination for each possible row of a Repeatable Destination (often leading to hundreds of destinations on a form), Citizen Developers can create a single destination per Repeatable Section.

This destination can be reused across multiple forms to create new or update existing records in Salesforce while maintaining the parent-child relationship configured in Salesforce, for example, a Work Order and a list of the parts used.

A Repeatable Destination can be associated with multiple regular destinations simultaneously in case the child records have more than one parent record. You can select the destination type you want to use while creating the data destination in the portal. Repeatable Destinations will work with any Salesforce object. This feature does not work with Salesforce Apex REST.

The impact

Repeatable Destinations not only automate data capture from the field but enable richer data capture directly into Salesforce.

Citizen Developers will find form building and maintenance tasks are considerably easier, requiring fewer customized access permissions in Salesforce. The most significant benefit to be gained is in the amount of time saved. It’s easy to configure one Repeatable Destination and hook it up to multiple parent destinations, rather than having to create 600+ destinations to account for any possible repeatable section row entries.

Repeatable Destinations also minimize update time. Rather than updating each row’s destination, Citizen Developers now can edit a single destination if a configuration changes on Salesforce and have it reflected throughout.

Less work means more money that stays in your company’s pocket. You’ll increase the amount of time that can be spent on new initiatives to propel your business forward.

Sample use case

Perhaps you’re looking to update records, such as a Calibration Test associated with a Salesforce Case. You will need to set up a form including a Repeatable Section so that users can enter the calibration details as line items in a table. You’ll also include two Data Sources and two Salesforce Data Destinations, one Regular (Parent) and one Repeatable Destination.

Your field users can submit the form to see the results in Salesforce while maintaining the parent-child relationships in Salesforce, ensuring that the association with the case is maintained.

Repeatable Destinations resolve the issue of getting structured repeated data into Salesforce. Now you can create a single destination per Repeatable Section.

Learn more about Repeatable Destinations for Salesforce

If you’re already using Salesforce, then having this easily configured functionality is vital to your success. For more information on Repeatable Destinations for Salesforce, please visit our Product Documentation Portal for complete details.  

Also, be sure to head over to the ProntoForms community. This is the space where you can connect with other citizen developers about this or any other product feature. You’ll find a group of dedicated Citizen Developers and experts ready to share their experience with you and learn from your deployment.

Tanya McGinnity, on Thursday, January 20, 2022
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