Announcing: Cooke Aquaculture saves $2.16 million per year with ProntoForms and iOS

Cooke Aquaculture Goes Mobile and Saves $2.16M with ProntoForms and iOS

Cooke Aquaculture is the largest producer of Atlantic Salmon in North America, producing about 100,000 metric tonnes of salmon annually. Because much of their work is done aboard a ship, Cooke Aquaculture needed a way for employees to perform inspections without having to worry about paperwork getting damaged with water or lost in the wind.

The company prides itself on being a forward-looking company, and replacing their paper-based asset inspections with a solution using mobile devices and the cloud was a natural step.

The system makes it easy for Cooke Aquaculture to track assets and employee timesheets, and quickly prove safety and environmental compliance to any inspectors and auditors. Should an asset in the field require maintenance, the inspection data is seamlessly dispatched to a site manager who can review the submitted form, including images, to determine who should perform the repairs.

Using mobile forms to streamline data collection and asset repair processes has allowed Cooke Aquaculture to improve productivity in the field and in the office. Maintenance records and timesheet documents can be accessed immediately, rather than having staff rummage through filing cabinets. All the files are stored safely in SharePoint, just a quick search away.

“Cooke is perceived as a forward-thinking company; we’re always looking for better ways to do things, and I believe that ProntoForms is one of those ways,” said Sherri Deveau, Cooke’s Business Support Analyst. “If an auditing team wants to see timesheets or site information that’s been submitted, we can just go in and access whatever it is that we’re looking for and forward it onto the auditor, so it’s instantaneous as far as getting information to them.”

“We’re almost 100% paperless now in our department because of ProntoForms,” says Mark Fraser, Remote Feed Supervisor at Cooke Aquaculture. “With one hour of savings per day for 200 users, that’s 4,200 hours per month. It equals out to about $180K/month in savings.”

Check out the video below, or click here to read the full case study.

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