Are smartphones in business indispensable?

The article title seems silly, right? Smartphones are clearly relied upon heavily by businesses and their employees. But, to what extent? We all know that it is an absolute necessity to have access to your emails while away from your desk. But, what other work related activities are businesses allowing their employees to do using their smartphones?

To begin with, many businesses are trying to balance doled out company mobile device strategies with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. For a business to truly define what work tasks can be done on the go, they must answer the BYOD question.

Once device policies are in place, the question then shifts to how best to maximize the ability to get things done with a smartphone.

To definitively consider smartphones indispensable to business, workers should make use as many device capabilities as possible. The ability to voice record, snap photographs or fill out forms and submit reports via Apps like ProntoForms, are all ways in which smartphones are transforming business processes.

Gone are the days of being chained to your desk, hoping to finish a report so that you can leave the office. Heck, even VPN connection and other remote applications are available for smartphones.

So the answer is yes, for the businesses that are fully taking advantage of all of the capabilities of today’s mobile devices, smartphones have become indispensable. Productivity and working hours are on the rise for companies with worker smartphone buy-in – making the bosses very happy.

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