AT&T believes in ProntoForms

If you’ve been monitoring AT&T in the news lately, you’ll notice that ProntoForms seems to be crop up as an associated brand. It’s no accident. As AT&T has taken its business solutions offerings to the next level, ProntoForms has been chosen as a key ingredient in its new online small business applications website – and we couldn’t be prouder.

Designed as a website for small businesses to find applications that can take their businesses to the next level, this new AT&T portal features ProntoForms as one of the core business applications available. It prompted Jonathan Blum of The Street to reference ProntoForms and refer to the new AT&T site as iTunes for business software.

Having a partner like AT&T who believes in the capabilities, potential and industry of ProntoForms says volumes about the product and the company behind it. It’s an enormous compliment, but also a major responsibility, one we don’t take lightly.

Now more than ever, ProntoForms is committed to continuing to improve current product support, as well as the creation and integration of new features and technologies.

So a tip of the cap to our friends at AT&T, for perennial dedication to bringing the latest and greatest in advanced mobility solutions to market.

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