Best in Field — A holiday thank you

Our very best wishes

The holidays are a time for family. The holidays are a time to laugh, eat, share, and celebrate. The holidays are a time to reflect and be thankful for the things we take for granted — things like heat on a cold winter’s day, the freedom to come and go as we please, and good health. This year, ProntoForms honors the unsung heroes — the field service workers and technicians who work through the holidays to make sure we have all these things.

These are some — but certainly not all — of their stories.

Heat on a cold winter’s day

As we sit around the fire in our matching pajamas or ugly sweaters, a team of field technicians in a remote town begins work on an emergency power line repair thanks to an ice storm that didn’t take the holiday season into consideration. These repairmen and women sacrifice their time with their own families so that an entire neighborhood can stay warm and feel safe.

The freedom to come and go as we please

Families come together from far and wide for the holidays. In many cases, it’s the one time of year that all the siblings, cousins and grandparents are in the same room at the same time. Well, without the emergency elevator repair that a field technician performed at grandpa’s nursing home, grandpa would have been unable to join in on the festivities this year. Bound to a wheelchair, he had no other way to get downstairs and catch his flight.

Good health

A family sits scared and anxious in a hospital as they await the results of their child’s CT scan. The family cried tears of joy and relief when they learned their child was in remission, thankful and forever indebted to the doctors and nurses that provided the treatment. The family can go home and celebrate the holidays in a way they couldn’t last year, unaware of the field technician who left his or her family that morning to repair the CT scanner that had broken down suddenly. Without that field tech, the family would have had to wait another day for their news.

You sleighed it

Lastly, can you imagine what would happen if millions of children awoke to a tree with nothing beneath it, a full glass of milk, a plate of untouched cookies, and a not nibble from the carrot sticks? Santa and his reindeer get all the credit. But the unsung heroes are the field service elves that perform same-day maintenance on Santa’s sleigh. They’re the ones that put in the hours. They’re the ones with all the pressure. And yet, no one ever talks about them.

Buddy the elf repairing sleigh

Thank you

We talk a lot about how ProntoForms empowers field technicians to complete complex work the first time. There are many reasons why this is important but enabling field service workers that work on the holidays to get home to their families quicker is about as rewarding a reason as any. We thank you for what you do.

Happy holidays.

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