BYOD policies continue to gain traction in the business world

Renown research firm Forrester recently came out with a mobile adoption report, citing the progress of mobile devices within the business world. While we’re seeing more and more companies warm to the idea of issuing tablets and/or smartphones to employees, this recent report also suggests there’s still plenty of room for mobile business growth.

According to the report, also recently featured by TechCrunch, more than half of the enterprises interviewed said that they would like to further and better support smartphones over the next year. Support includes elements such as letting employees select the devices that they would like to use, as well as offer applications that can help in their everyday tasks.

Thus, the age of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is slowly taking hold across corporate America. Employees want to go mobile with the devices they want, and in most cases, with their own personal devices. The pairing down of required mobile devices is what employees are looking for – and Forrester says that businesses are slowly listening.

The report says that 16 percent of employees used four or five multiple devices as part of their job. That’s down from 20 percent back in February.

So, is this a product of the proliferation of enterprise BYOD policies? Perhaps. Of the employees using tablets and/or smartphones that Forrester surveyed, more than two-thirds said that they were able to choose the device that they wanted to use.

The trend of increasing mobile adoption means the growing importance of applications like ProntoForms to business processes. The more an enterprise goes mobile and paperless with ProntoForms, the more productive and streamlined its operations will become.

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