Celebrate and Support Field Workers this Labor Day

Were it not for the men and women in the field every day, an enormous amount of jobs would not get done. Nowadays, Labor Day signals the end of the summer, and time to get back to business. But did you know, the first Labor Day was recognized because of a Canadian union? On April 15, 1872, the Toronto Trade Union organized a protest supporting those who had been imprisoned for rallying for a nine-hour workday. Ever since, Canadians – and other nations around the world – have recognized the importance of supporting workers.

As a Canadian company, ProntoForms is no different: it’s part of our mission to support workers in the field. Here are just a few ways automated mobile solutions can support your business:


Easier Data Collection

  • Collecting data in the field can be time-consuming;, whether it’s a safty inspection, quality inspection, performing environmental assessment, or any other task. With mobile forms, you’re providing your field technicians with a tool that supports collecting data in a fraction of the time, with much better accuracy and consistency. In short, you’re giving them the tools to do their jobs better, in less time.


Safer Job Sites

  • It’s important for work environments to be safe. Not just to be compliant from a legal or regulatory perspective, but because a safe work environment is a productive one. ProntoForms enables teams to build and maintain safer jobsites, and support users in the field to ensure no matter what they’re doing, they’re doing it safely. From supporting pre-emptive maintenance schedules, to building health and safety procedures into forms, mobile forms can help companies make sure all field workers get to go home safe after every shift.


Better Customer Interactions

  • No one wants to arrive at a jobsite and not know what grievances the customer has already reported. With paper forms, communicating that information can be complicated and time-consuming; with mobile forms, dispatching details and notes from previous site visits can be automatic. Being able to address customers’ concerns right away, rather than having to wait until they bring it up, means happier customers, and a better site experience for technicians in the field.


This year, celebrate and support your workers by providing them with the tools they need to work smarter, and stay safer.

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DanielleJacinta Sarpkaya
Jacinta joined ProntoForms in 2014 as a Technical Documentation Writer. She then moved over to the Marketing department as a Product Marketing Specialist where she has been involved in many aspects of copy production, and has taken a whole lot of screenshots. Jacinta has a BA Honours in English, Religion, and Philosophy from University of Toronto.

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