Clients happy with new ProntoForms data destinations

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Social media for business good?

Like any mobile business solution, ProntoForms is perennially evolving. In the last few months, we’ve introduced more and more data destination connectivity to our platform. We knew it would be well received, but wow, the response has been even more positive than we anticipated.

From cloud services to social media notification avenues, customers are pleased that ProntoForms has become compatible with more data destinations.

To be able to share a mobile form instantly with workers back at the office or in the field elsewhere, has helped to make business on the go that much more viable for our clients.

Most people will buy in to using cloud services in business. But, you may think that tying in ProntoForms with Facebook or Twitter is somewhat unnecessary. The truth is, as more and we all consume social media, it has become a bigger part of our lives – even at work. Actually harnessing Twitter and Facebook for something work related has got to be putting a few smiles on the faces of employers everywhere.

Basically, ProntoForms customers are using Facebook and Twitter as a notifications tool, to better communicate with team members. We anticipate ProntoForms social media use to continue to steadily grow.

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Mats LindebergMats Lindeberg
As ProntoForms’ Communications Manager, Mats leads a team of talented writers who provide written content for web, marketing collateral, social media, and PR. When he’s not moving commas around, he’s coaching Little League baseball and playing keys in a cover band. Mats has a degree in Journalism from Stockholm University.
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