Cloud computing services market expanding at a rapid rate

Anyone catch the Forbes report today on the cloud computing market? The article quotes several sources, including Bloomberg and Market Research Media, all in an effort to clearly illustrate the massive growth in the cloud computing market.

The bottom line? This expanding market is expected to top $270 billion by 2020. It’s an incredible reality check to all businesses out there who haven’t integrated cloud computing services into their storage and accessibility plans.

Fortunately, we’ve been keeping an eye on the trend. It’s why ProntoForms is compatible with most major cloud service related brands.

So hopefully, when you’re deciding on what mobile form supplier to go with, you’ll check to see if they’re sympatico with names like Dropbox,, Evernote, Sharepoint, Google Docs, and more…

Mats LindebergMats Lindeberg
As ProntoForms’ Communications Manager, Mats leads a team of talented writers who provide written content for web, marketing collateral, social media, and PR. When he’s not moving commas around, he’s coaching Little League baseball and playing keys in a cover band. Mats has a degree in Journalism from Stockholm University.
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