Construction apps for stability today and readiness tomorrow

Construction apps are transforming the industry and streamlining construction daily reports with digital construction forms.

Construction represents a huge percentage of the global GDP. Tools such as digital construction equipment inspection forms and construction daily report apps are predicted to be as critical to the industry in the future, as the industry is to national economies worldwide.

A team of McKinsey engineers, construction, and building materials leaders believe these times are forcing construction companies and the field-based services that support them, to innovate. Technology tools that transform manual paper-based construction daily reports into mobile device apps and forms lay more than a foundation for the future. They provide concrete stability and support today.

Challenges within the construction industry

The pressures bearing down on the construction industry are great and growing. Restricted cross-border movement is an ongoing contagion-related issue bearing down on supply chains, and limiting access to skilled labor pools. Meanwhile, crisis-fueled needs and unabated consumer demands are outstripping building supplies like never before. Operational limitations make it more complicated than ever to meet industry health and safety standards, customer expectations, and contracted deadlines.

Automation simplifies and streamlines construction daily reports

Construction field service teams are unsung front-line heroes. Working from home is not an option. But automated step-by-step service protocols with customizable health and safety checklists add an extra layer of protection for field-based workers, and the customers they meet.

Digitized construction forms also make scheduling easier. They let you track progress in the field, in real- time, and automate data capture and information exchange between your in-field and back-office systems simply and effortlessly. The top automated construction apps digitize workflows, streamline reporting, and keep all of your key stakeholders updated on the information they need to know.

Most importantly, construction apps like those from ProntoForms give you the insights needed to make informed decisions with agility and dependability. For instance, by putting construction equipment inspection forms into the handheld mobile devices of your field technicians, all service call details and observations they input, and the tracked performance data associated with each asset can be analyzed and used to pinpoint optimal preventative maintenance scheduling. The end result? Minimal equipment downtime. This data can help identify cost-savings efficiencies related to inventory control, and make it easier for sales to calculate the cost of future projects.

Construction apps to the rescue

Digital construction forms and construction apps are the bricks and mortar of sustainability. To discover how to push your workflows even further in 2021, check out the recording of the IdeaShare we co-hosted with Service Council. This session is chock full of insights to help build a rock-solid digital transformation strategy for the coming year.

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