Drive better business decisions with ProntoForms’ field service analytics

ProntoForms' field service analytics helps drive better decision-making.

It’s time to take a journey through ProntoForms’ field service analytics options and learn how to drive better decision-making using data analysis. At EMPOWER’20, our resident analytics guru Aly Mawani (aka ProntoForms’ VP of Operations) delivered a deep dive presentation and demo of how data flows through ProntoForms. We want to share several highlights from his talk with you.

Data is essential

Aly stated that there are three ways to categorize data based on how it proves its value within an organization.

  1. Data is portable. You’re able to move data into an existing ProntoForms’ workflow using a data source. You can also push data through a destination using multiple options on the ProntoForms’ platform with a preconfigured connection or emailed destination.
  2. Data is extendable. You can extend your data into your preferred analytics tool of choice and then analyze that information.
  3. Data provides insight. Through analysis, you can glean additional insight to drive decision-making and ultimately determine the next best action.

Data-driven decision making using field service analytics

From our standpoint, there are four stages involved in performing data-driven decision making using field service analytics.

  1. Capture. First and foremost, the journey begins by capturing all that delicious data for analysis. ProntoForms’ low-code application platform (LCAP) allows for data capture within a mobile application solution that you’ve either built yourself or our team has helped you develop.
  2. Extract. Once you have the data, it’s time to extract it to prepare it for analysis. Because it’s portable and not confined to one spot, you can configure different data destinations, conduct manual or scheduled exports, or leverage our REST API to build a programmatic solution to push data to a destination.
  3. Ingest. This ingestion phase is where things get exciting for field service analytics. You can use our built-in analytics for simple reports or push data into your analytics tool(s) of choice for deeper analysis. ProntoForms builds Birst analytics solutions as part of our OEM license, but we’re also extremely well-versed in working with Power BI and Tableau.
  4. Analyze. Once you’ve built dashboards and generated reports, you can begin the analysis stage. It’s at this point when you’ll gain the information you need to drive decision-making and ultimately determine your next best action. 

Check out this link to watch the presentation Aly gave at EMPOWER20 where he provided an in-depth walkthrough of each of these four stages.

We’re here to support you in your goal to base your decision making on information rather than a hunch. Contact us today for a demo to learn how ProntoForms can help you achieve analytics nirvana with data secured from the field.


Tanya McGinnity, on Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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