Elevate the performance of your cabin crews – with mobile forms

Elevate the performance of your cabin crews with mobile forms

For some passengers, getting a glass of champagne without delay is almost as important as arriving at their destination without delay. In-flight cabin crews perform a number of different tasks during each flight, from greeting and serving customers to following critical safety procedures. Their performance en route is critical to achieving high levels of service quality, customer satisfaction, and safety compliance.

In order to evaluate their overall service quality, airlines often task senior staff like Chief Pursers to evaluate the customer service performance delivered by the flight attendants during every flight. Examples of the information captured include:

  • Demeanor when passengers board and disembark the aircraft
  • Proper demonstration and inspection of safety routines prior to take-off and landing
  • Efficiency when serving passengers (snacks, meals, drinks, comfort items, etc.)
  • Personal grooming, such as wearing appropriate jewelry or wearing uniform jackets when serving meals
  • Follow proper procedures for special needs passengers (infants, wheelchairs, etc.)

As noted in a previous post about the airline industry, collecting information using antiquated paper-based processes is inherently sluggish. Forms may have to be finished at the hotel later in the evening, if they’re finished at all. Evaluators may have to fax or scan and email forms to the main office the next day. From there, staff have to compile forms from multiple flights each day and submit final reports to key stakeholders. It may take several days before management can review evaluations, which means that if teams or regions are underperforming, corrective action is delayed and the issues linger. Not to mention that it’s virtually impossible to track performance scores over time.

That’s why some airlines have started to manage their in-flight data collection using ProntoForms running on iPads.

Mobile forms are always on time

This user-friendly mobile solution allows senior cabin staff to effortlessly rate crew members without flipping through dozens of pages. The mobile app’s data input controls, such as color-coded buttons and dropdown menus, make it easy to select answers quickly and with greater accuracy. You can even include comments or photos to add context and detail to each response.

ProntoForms works offline and automatically submits forms to back-office systems as soon as the crew disembarks at a destination with network connectivity. This means evaluations are available for review in real time, allowing management to react to performance issues as they arise.

The solution enables powerful workflows that ensure that key stakeholders receive reports specific to their department or region. Data is automatically parsed, tagged, packaged, and distributed according to pre-defined parameters – which means that regional or departmental managers will receive custom reports that only include content pertinent to their own teams.

A key benefit of the solution is that individual contributors never have to consider who should receive the forms – the system takes care of all distribution details.

Identify stalling regions, teams, and individuals via analytics

Collecting data about crew member performance is the first step. The true value of the solution lies in the second step – analyzing the data and uncovering trends and insights.

Airlines are using the analytics tools in ProntoForms Enterprise to get definitive answers to key business questions – such as whether cabin crews are meeting service quality and safety standards. Rich dashboards easily pinpoint underperforming regions, teams, and even individuals, empowering management to take corrective action. The mobile solution is also used to identify top performers to help establish best practices and recognize individual employees for their contributions.

Several North American airlines are conducting ProntoForms trials to help them transform their cabin crew evaluation processes – and raise overall employee performance from fair to top tier.

Learn more about how ProntoForms can elevate the performance of your cabin crews.

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