EMPOWER’21 session recap: Field service leaders share common ground

Field service leaders share how they've obtained solid results from using ProntoForms to solve their issues.

Heavy manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas, and medical device manufacturing. None of these things are like the other when it comes to field service. We’re talking entirely different assets, processes, requirements —and more.

It’s normal to assume that field service leaders in these four completely disparate verticals wouldn’t have all that much in common when it comes to the challenges they face in their roles. The one thing that they can all agree on is that they’ve obtained solid results from using ProntoForms to solve their issues.

Common challenges faced by field service leaders

Whether it’s an elevator or MRI machine in a busy hospital, an offshore oil rig, or an overhead electrical power line— field service workers and their organizations face several common challenges. At EMPOWER’21, our annual user conference, field service leaders from KONE, Shell, Philips Healthcare, and PrimeLine Utility shared the following common challenges with conference attendees.  

Lack of access to valuable data. Not having information to back data-driven decision-making impacts goals, objectives, and the bottom line. In addition, techs need up-to-date business data to do their jobs efficiently.

25% of field service engineers say the worst part of their day-to-day work is spending time finding information. (The Service Council)

Outdated systems. Technicians hate spending time filling out paperwork. Disconnected systems mean valuable insights gained from the field aren’t making it into systems of record, let alone being used. 

58% of field service technicians indicated they hate completing paperwork and performing administrative tasks. (The Service Council)

Reduced productivity. Poor planning and communication or lacking the correct parts or skills to do the job mean multiple truck rolls. The result.  Increased costs, lower revenue, and reduced customer and technician satisfaction.

75% of field technicians report that products have become more complex and require increased technical knowledge than when they started out in their role. (The Service Council)

Costly asset downtime. Unplanned downtime comes at a cost. Knowing when equipment is due for maintenance, upgrade, or replacement saves money and time.

1 hour of unplanned downtime costs organizations $260,000, on average. (Aberdeen Research)

Increased customer expectations. At the bare minimum, customers want fast, quality service to resolve their issues by a field tech armed with the correct information at their fingertips. 

78% of customers rate themselves as happier with a service event when a rep is competent and has access to the technology, parts and tools needed to complete a job. (Genesys)

Changes to the workforce. Older technicians are retiring, leaving younger, less experienced techs to take their place. Knowledge transfer and filling training gaps are vital to ensure consistency in service delivery.

47% of field service organizations are having trouble recruiting high quality technicians to meet their company’s business goals. (Verizon Connect)

Safety & compliance standards. It’s difficult to adhere to increasing and everchanging regulatory requirements and safety standards. Gathering documentation for audits can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

For every $1 spent on direct costs associated with a workplace injury, another $2.12 in indirect costs is added. (Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety)

ProntoForms is the best-in-field mobile forms solution

ProntoForms has proven its worth in reducing the growing demands faced by executives across verticals. Here are just a few ways we take the pressure off field technicians and deliver positive business outcomes for field service leaders. We’ve also sprinkled in a few quotes from satisfied customers to demonstrate that we truly walk the talk.

Gain real-time data. Get real-time reporting and decision-making capabilities. Be proactive, not reactive. Predict the need for repair and replace rather than handling a breakdown after the fact. Make real-time assessments to drive business. Use ProntoForms to see if assets aren’t being used to reduce costs and unnecessary spending.

“Being able to have that real-time data to make those real time assessments really allows us to drive the business and take care of some of the inefficiencies that we have, as well as predict when things need to be replaced.”

Kenneth Bohn, Service Operations Manager, Shell

Accelerate digital transformation. Embrace ProntoForms to give your team real-time access to data. This ensures consistency across your entire organization, from field to back office. The upside is eliminating tedious paperwork for your techs.

“We were spending a ton of money on people going just going through our auditing procedures. I’ve estimated that in one year, we’ve saved over $250,000 just in that area.”

Jeff Peel, Chief of Operations, Pesado Energy Services

Benefit from the power of automation. Workflows save techs time, ensure consistency, and prevent errors. They’re freed up to do what they love, fixing things & talking to customers.

“ProntoForms makes it easier when we’re doing our preventative maintenance to provide value in reporting in a way that streamlines our work so we’re not spending a lot of time on it. That’s a big thing for me. I don’t want to set my wrench down and start filling out forms. I’d rather just keep working.”

David Russell, Quality and Condition Assessment Specialist, Johnson Controls, Inc

Increase productivity. Save time, money, and effort by making data fully portable and extensible. Increase your first-time fix rate and supercharge your technician’s productivity based on intelligent insights gleaned from data.

“If your process and your tools require you to spend twice as much time doing paperwork, that means you’re not doing as much customer facing time. That’s allowed us to do other cool projects that had we not had ProntoForms, we wouldn’t be able to do. “

Lenny Cumberledge, Field Services Director, Purell

Ensure asset uptime. Empower field engineers to reliably handle complex installation and ongoing maintenance through instant access to technical specs, manuals, service history, and parts inventory.

“My main goal was to make people’s lives better. How do you do that? You make their jobs easier. You make it more pleasurable to come to work. If they don’t have to fight to get the information and figure out what they need, that’s worth it.”

Bryan Morrow, Director of QA & QC – North Region, SUEZ

Deliver an exceptional customer experience. ProntoForms let your techs can do the job from start to finish on their mobile device. They have access to all the info they need to do it right and submit paperwork on the spot. Customers are left in awe of the efficiency.

“Our customers love the output. It’s simple to read. It gives them comfort that what we said we did, we actually did. We include photos of items that were damaged or broken and that needed to be repaired so that always builds trust with the customer.”

Drew Hettich, President/Chief Operating Officer, Wiers

Respond to workforce needs. Attract and retain employees by helping technicians do the work they love most. Ensure the continued transfer of vital workplace transfer to less experienced techs. Offer educational support for complex assets.

“We’ve built our whole training program into ProntoForms. When we first started, we were spending about four weeks to get up and running with our simulation center. We now get people up and running in about a week and getting better customer service for it in week two than we did with new hires in the past after four weeks of training.”

Lenny Cumberledge, Field Services Director, Purell

Meet safety & compliance requirements. Give field service engineers checklists and workflows so they never miss a step. Gain full traceability & insight into everything. Be proactive with compliance. Evidence of the work performed is handy, which makes preparing for audits a breeze.

“Managing compliance for me is profitable. It’s business winning. It’s a big differentiator. The partnership with ProntoForms is helping us to be in that space and I’m really proud and really excited about where the journey’s going to take us.”

Jim Woolley, Director of Service Operations, KONE


Our mission is to go above and beyond to ensure exceptional results for field teams in a wide variety of industries. Regardless of your business’s challenges, we’re ready to give you the digital tools needed for success.

Connect with us today so we can demonstrate you how our solution can help you keep your field service technicians safe, increase operational efficiency, advance your digital transformation efforts, and so much more.

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