Enhance training for field service workers: Cut the tether and go mobile


Properly-trained employees maximize your ROI, while an undertrained workforce invites middling productivity, non-compliance, and employee turnover – all of which can have a negative impact on your bottom line.

But training programs have to be properly designed and implemented, or they can rack up needlessly high costs. Person-to-person training involves diverting employees from other tasks to train the new hires. Online e-learning courses offer an improvement, as flesh-and-blood instructors are replaced by digital teaching tools, but new field service employees are still tethered to a desk when they could be learning real-world skills on the job.

Organizations spanning a broad array of industries can leverage mobile forms to customize the onboarding process to their needs and reduce the pitfalls of a mediocre training program.

Let your new hires learn on the job

Mobile forms empower new hires to contribute in a meaningful way during their onboarding process, and encourage learning while on the job. New hires in an industrial setting, for example, may be tasked with constructing a scaffold. They can follow step-by-step instructions in a mobile form and even watch instructional videos, as YouTube links can be embedded into the forms. Right from the start, new hires have a sense of purpose and inclusion – which are key to reducing turnover.

Provide new hires with support in the field

Interactive training strengthens information retention, but new hires may still need assistance while on the job. Top-tier mobile forms solutions like ProntoForms are equipped with extensive “Help” content, which offers mobile workers access to support and other resources out in the field, including YouTube videos, web pages, or work instructions. For example, electrical workers have to install only approved conductors and equipment. If they’re new to the job, they may have a difficult time remembering particular standards. But all they need to do is tap the “?” icon in the form beside the question to open up the help information box, which could specify approved conductors and equipment.

Still want traditional quizzes? No problem!

quizForms can also be set up as traditional quizzes, which can feature a variety of questions, including true/false and multiple choice. Upon completion, they can be marked automatically and sent to the training administrator.

Person-to-person training will never be phased out – and it shouldn’t – but mobile learning, powered by mobile forms, is a perfect complementary tool. See how the premier mobile forms solution can help get your new hires up to speed and ready to contribute.

Jacinta Sarpkaya contributed to this article.

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