Four new features to optimize your field operations

Four new features to optimize your field operations

Exciting news! We’ve created even more ways for you to streamline data collection in the field. Our newest features are forged out of the growing integration of AI in field service, along with a strong focus on empowering field workers to complete work efficiently.

Curious how these new features will improve your field operations? Read on. Each feature has its own landing page and PDF—so click away and explore.

Mobile search

Search and retrieve contextual data from previous site visits to accelerate work order completion.

Enter a search term and find existing form submissions to read or edit them

This feature:

  • communicates contextual information fast,
  • updates existing submissions with new data, and
  • saves time with faster work orders completion.

Camera to text

Capture photos with OCR and tap highlighted text to input character strings or sentences directly into forms.

Key data points are identified and auto-populate the matching fields in the form.

This feature:

  • streamlines form completion,
  • records complex character strings quickly, and
  • prevents data entry errors.

Document scanning

Scan multi-page documents, reports, or contracts with a camera. Convert directly into PDFs to support traceability or compliance requirements.

Take photos of multi-page documents to add them to the form. OCR powered PDF's are automatically generated and sent to specific recipients or storage systems.

This feature:

  • produces PDF documents rapidly,
  • complies with regulatory paper trails, and
  • digitizes remaining paper documents in the field.

Form templates

Create pre-built data collection structures that can be reused across an app as many times as needed.

Form builder. Build once. Forms app. Re-use and bulk-edit.

This feature:

  • reduces repetitive work,
  • streamlines complex forms, and
  • simplifies form building with consistent templates.


It shouldn’t be a chore to build, deploy, and use forms. With these four new features, ProntoForms makes the field app process easier than ever.

Want to see these features in action? Book a demo and let us give you the tour.

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