G2 Names ProntoForms #1 In Enterprise Mobile Forms Automation

With summer in full swing, something is heating up besides the weather. G2, a highly regarded peer-to-peer review site, has just released its Summer 2023 Grid® Report for Enterprise Mobile Forms Automation.

Our placement as number one in G2’s Leader category reflects our field intelligence platform’s user-friendly design and the impact it continues to have on the field service operations of global enterprise companies.

Discovering the importance of G2 Grid® Reports

When considering a potential purchase, it’s always wise to rely on the feedback of existing customers. The G2 Grid® Report provides critical insights that allow businesses to make informed decisions based on product reviews, social media, and online data from real users. Millions of companies continue to trust G2 for better purchasing decisions.

The G2 Grid® Report for Summer 2023 in Enterprise Mobile Forms Automation

Thanks to our high customer satisfaction score and strong market presence, we are proud to be recognized as a Leader in the report. Our users have given us a lot of positive feedback, with 98% rating us 4 or 5 stars, 93% believing we’re headed in the right direction, and 91% of them are likely to recommend us.

View the G2 Enterprise Grid Report.

Why enterprise business leaders love ProntoForms

Enterprise companies often have different needs because of operational complexity and a large customer base. As such, field teams that work for these organizations often need to centralize data and use enterprise mobile forms automation. These teams also need a system that can work for many workers with different needs, even when they’re not online.

Enterprise customers trust our mobile forms automation solution because of our robust and adaptable range of features, top-quality software integrations, and history of proven in-field results.

Read what our customers think

“ProntoForms is a user-friendly tool that is easy to learn and customize. Its interface is organized efficiently, making it comfortable to create forms. Additionally, the mobile app works superbly and has a great user interface. The reporting and analytics features are awesome and help display data effectively, making it easy to understand. Moreover, it is easier to integrate with other tools like Dropbox.”  

– Isabella R, Web Developer, Enterprise, Apr 24, 2023

We are currently using ProntoForms for field audits and safety incidents. I love how we can create just about whatever type of form we need with multiple data destinations to keep everyone in the loop and on track.  

– April M., Apr 04, 2023

ProntoForms is a top-notch tool enabling us to create complex and straightforward [workflows] that are easily customizable to fit our needs. The team in the field can collect data from our customers accurately, helping us to save on resources and time and also being able to process the data quickly. It offers a robust API to integrate the application with our applications. ProntoForms’ customer service is excellent. There is never a wait when we call or chat online. 

– Stephanie N, Human Resources Specialist, Mid-Market, May 26, 2023

Looking for the best Enterprise Mobile Forms Automation app to improve technician safety and efficiency?

Book a quick demonstration of ProntoForms today to see how we can help your field service technicians succeed.

Lise Snelgrove, VP, Marketing, on Wednesday, June 14, 2023
Lise is a data-driven creative with a passion for technology. She has built her career delivering exceptional client experiences that create loyalty, recurring revenue, and long-term growth.
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