Geotab Connect 2020: The Fleet to Field Ecosystem

Glenn Chenier at Geotab Connect

Top thought leaders and subject matter experts in fleet management and technology assembled en masse in mid-January at the San Diego Convention Center for the largest Geotab Connect conference and exposition to date.

Geotab’s multi-day event explored their dynamic, expanding business ecosystem and how this ecosystem will grow greener in tandem with changing fleet management best practices.

Geotab works with over 30 billion data points per day collected from over 1.4 million vehicles. Moving such a large amount of data involves interwoven connections across organizations, integrated solutions, and partners. As part of that ecosystem, the Connect conference drove home how ProntoForms’ and Geotab’s joint story is growing.

ProntoForms booth at Geotab Connect

Growing use cases in the business ecosystem

Companies using Geotab can improve their fleet management processes and remove unnecessary paper from the cab, but from the moment a Geotab user steps out of their vehicle to collect data and complete work in the field, ProntoForms shines. This narrative is one that is continuing to expand as Geotab’s users become more diverse.

Case in point: an insurance company that uses Geotab for their vehicle management needed a solution to help insurance inspectors complete their inspections once they arrived on site and stepped away from their vehicles. Paper checklists weren’t cutting it. They needed something that would remove paper from their work and streamline the collection of inspection data. ProntoForms’ custom mobile apps meant custom inspection apps tailored to particular insurance questions and workflows could be built and rapidly deployed.

Curtis Bembridge, Glenn Chenier, Susan Fitzsimmons, Mansell Nelson, and Amir Makim
Curtis Bembridge, Glenn Chenier, Susan Fitzsimmons, Mansell Nelson, and Amar Makim

Helping the sustainability ecosystem

Another key topic during the Connect conference was the growth of sustainability in the fleet and field service sectors. Geotab unveiled a new “sustainability” pillar that focuses on the electric fleets of the future. This move fits nicely with ProntoForms’ sustainable story.
“It is great to see Geotab’s new focus on sustainability as part of their product offering,” said Mansell Nelson, ProntoForms’ Senior Vice President of Business Development. “A great by-product of many companies’ digital transformation is the hidden green story. By using an LCAP platform like ProntoForms along with Geotab, organizations are able to retire wasteful paper forms from the field and eliminate storage rooms filled with files. Instead, technicians are empowered with digital forms that can support complex workflows and consistent data collection in the field. Johnson Controls alone, one of our biggest customers, was able to divert over 450,000 paper forms since their ProntoForms deployment.  Sustainability is becoming a key differentiator in the marketplace and something that customers look for.” 

Geotab’s new pillar illustrates how one of the largest names in fleet management is building a business ecosystem or network of organizations involved in delivering environmentally supportive products and services.

Curious how ProntoForms and Geotab work together to make your workflows smoother from fleet to field?  Book a demo and let one of our product experts take you for a spin.

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