Guest blog: ServiceMax Customer Survey: Improving Outcomes with Field Service

This is guest blog post , the Product Marketing Lead at Service Max. This article originally appeared on January 17th 2017 at Field Service Digital.

A new ServiceMax report showed customers experienced dramatic revenue growth, customer satisfaction increases, higher productivity and compliance after deploying the platform. Read the full results of the report here.

Service scenarios in the field can run the gamut – anywhere from responding to an issue atop a wind turbine to performing mandated regular service on a jet engine or MRI machine. And because, traditionally, service occurs only after something breaks down, a host of subsequent issues, including long time to repair, technicians arriving with the wrong parts or skillsets and billing issues, tend to create unflattering perceptions of service.

But a movement to modernize field service is underway. ServiceMax has championed this for nearly a decade, bringing the benefits of mobility, cloud, Internet of Things, data and analytics to the industry to quell some of these long perceived conceptions of service.

ServiceMax is enabling a new generation of field service where engineers are empowered with technology and businesses are delivering value to their customers with proactive and predictive service. The journey of moving to a model of service marked by proactive maintenance and automating manual processes unlocks huge hidden-gem opportunities.

In order to illustrate these opportunities and showcase the real value companies see from modernizing field service operations, ServiceMax commissioned a study by Wakefield Research of nearly 140 ServiceMax customers that reveal the effects the technology is having across their businesses.

From increasing first-time fix rates on equipment in the field to optimizing engineer productivity and managing inventory more efficiently, it’s clear ServiceMax’s roots reach broadly throughout organizations. These field service-centric results reflect a direct impact on broader business objectives and driving shareholder value.

Read the full results of the report here.

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