Home builder modernizes inspections with digital forms

This week, ProntoForms published a new customer success video that documents how Daytona Homes took over 100 inspectors mobile using ProntoForms, saving time in the field and eliminating data entry tasks in the office.

Daytona Homes is a family-owned and -operated business that builds residential homes throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba in brand new communities. They use ProntoForms to automate everything from Home Orientation walkthroughs, to contract management, and warranties.

Before adopting mobile forms, inspectors would have to carry around plastic bins of paperwork for every home they visited; now, all that data can be found in the palm of their hands. The data collection forms Daytona staff use in the field have been built to conditionally fill or adapt depending on what data is entered into the form. A customer’s name might trigger address, rooms, or new features, for example, meaning the inspector no longer has to spend time searching through those plastic bins for the relevant information and form for each room of the house.

ProntoForms’ industry-leading calculations and conditional logic make data entry easier by reacting to information entered in a form. Instead of carrying around a thousand pages of paper just to use one or two, the form conditionally changes to show only the required information, while automatically filling in all known data. Powerful stuff.

Every form has its own workflow. In the past, this meant a person had to sit in an office and enter information manually into a digital system or into a filing cabinet. With digital forms, data entry is not only automatic, but instantaneous, so follow-ups can be immediately scheduled, customers instantly emailed, and all data appears, error-free, in whatever cloud storage destination or analytics engine a team needs, in whatever format they need – all with a single tap.

According to Chad Anderson, an IT Analyst and Programmer at Daytona Homes,

“Integrating ProntoForms with the data we already have from our in-house application has allowed us to create more accurate, less time-consuming forms for our field staff. Just fill out 1-3 questions in a form and it prepopulates 20-30 questions that they would have had to manually enter before.”

Once a completed form is submitted, custom documents are shared with the customer, the sales consultant, the field technician, and a warranty officer in real time. Finally, the form triggers a confirmation tour form for the next meeting, and a custom document is forwarded to Daytona Homes back-office system, labelled with the job number and division, making it easy to track the process of each project.

To learn how ProntoForms can help your team go mobile,  sign up for a demo and a free trial here.

Jacinta SarpkayaJacinta Sarpkaya
Jacinta joined ProntoForms in 2014 as a Technical Documentation Writer. She then moved over to the Marketing department as a Product Marketing Specialist where she has been involved in many aspects of copy production, and has taken a whole lot of screenshots. Jacinta has a BA Honours in English, Religion, and Philosophy from University of Toronto.
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