How do quality audits impact customer satisfaction?

ProntoForms' quality control inspection software gives inspectors easy access to the information needed to perform a quality audit.

Actions speak louder than words. Continuously improving your processes demonstrates to customers how serious you are about keeping them happy. Investing in a new customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.

One way for field service organizations to seriously impact customer satisfaction is to engage in regular quality audits. The continuous improvement gained from regular quality audits leads to a more positive customer experience.

What is a quality audit exactly?

A quality audit involves the examination of an organization’s quality system. Either an internal or external quality auditor or an audit team can perform the evaluation. They are likely to use a quality control checklist, a qa inspection form, and/or quality control inspection software to conduct these examinations. 

Regulatory and compliance requirements demand quality audits. They are a key part of the ISO quality system standard, ISO 9001, and ensure continuous improvements for overall efficiency. As an essential part of a company’s quality management system (QMS), quality audits are also used within specific industries, including medical device manufacturing and oil and gas.

What exactly gets audited?

With a quality audit, we’re looking at a full-on examination of processes, systems, and products to see if they are working according to plan. The search is on for evidence for problems a company needs to eliminate and proof of what’s going great.  

Process audit

A process audit looks at whether a company’s processes are performed within established guidelines. This type of audit involves evaluating conformity with requirements, the performance of resources, taking measurements to establish performance, and examining how effective training, work instructions, and procedures are.

System audit

A system audit examines whether all aspects of the company’s quality management system are working properly and are well suited for their intended purpose. It also establishes whether the QMS has been created, documented, and deployed according to established internal policies and regulatory requirements.

Product audit

A product audit makes a case for whether a product or service conforms to a specific requirement. A company can base this evaluation on performance standards, specifications, or customer requirements.

Quality auditing and customer satisfaction

The impact quality audits have on customer satisfaction is far-reaching. On the one hand, it can be just a minor irritation a customer feels should a field service technician not resolve one’s issue the first time around. On the other hand, it can be as extreme as the sever repercussions that follow from the failure of a poorly maintained or repaired product.

Your customers gain an increased sense of confidence when you demonstrate you’re a company that takes safety and compliance seriously. They know they’re in good hands with you, and you’re not going to let them down.

A satisfied customer is more likely to renew contracts, spend more, recommend you to others, and remain loyal to your company over time. Research has determined:

  • 86% of customers believe good service has turned them into long-term brand champions.
  • 89% of consumers say they’re more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience.
  • 93% of customers will make a repeat purchase from a company that has delivered excellent customer service.

Conducting regular quality audits ensures much-needed consistency, efficiency, and safety for everyone involved in a service call. You can demonstrate you have systems in place, and they are working according to plan.

How ProntoForms supports quality audits

ProntoForms‘ field team platform gives you the ability to rapidly and easily build a quality control checklist and/or qa inspection form. Our quality control inspection software gives inspectors easy access to the information needed to perform a quality audit. Anyone who needs to can access up-to-date data such as results from previous audits and other supporting information, including resource images, immediately from your cloud or business systems.

Whether it’s an internal or external auditor examining your processes, ProntoForms ensures they’re equipped with a mobile forms app that empowers them to work quickly, efficiently, and accurately. There’s a reduced margin of error when entering data by inputting information digitally.

Our paperless solution saves valuable time having to type or re-enter data into different systems. This task can now be done once, with information flowing into multiple systems. Data that’s collected in real-time from the field is instantly read back at the office for analysis and reporting.

Without delay, your team can instantly send professional inspection reports and documents to systems and stakeholders. Decision-making is enhanced thanks to an abundance of information flowing through an organization. Cross-team collaboration is encouraged, and managing the overall process for a quality audit is streamlined massively.

Full transparency is obtained with ProntoForms. There’s a clear record of what was discovered during the quality audit. Furthermore, our field team platform can help companies easily flag non-compliant items that need to be actioned.

The time to upgrade your quality audit process to ensure customer satisfaction is now. Get in touch for a quick demo if you’d like to learn more about what ProntoForms can do to help you empower your field team with context and intelligence.

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