How Mobility Helped Mar Cor Grow

When you’re aiming to guarantee technicians’ safety and build a stronger business, it’s important the information coming from the field is accurate and easy to collect. You don’t know what’s going on in the field without it, and your technicians have better things to do than filling out forms. So how do you collect and analyze detailed, complex data and apply it to support your technicians and your bottom line – without affecting efficiency in the field or in the office?

Glenn Wanamaker, Training & Production Manager of US Service for Mar Cor, sat down with ProntoForms to discuss how adopting a mobile forms solution transformed the business.

Q: Could you tell us about yourself, and what you do at Mar Cor?

A: We manufacture, install, and service medical ROs [reverse osmosis] designed to produce high purity water for hospitals, labs, and pharmaceutical clients. We are currently in approximately 90% of the dialysis market in the United States and have approximately 30 offices located across the country. That’s about 100 service techs, and 50 sales reps covering ranges of pharmaceutical, medical, industrial, commercial sales and 35 installers in the field.

Q: What operational challenges do you face day-to-day?

A: First, we are a medical device manufacturer, so we are held accountable to FDA standards. Second, our business model is focused on delivering a better customer experience. A lot of our processes before ProntoForms were paper-based, which was very inefficient. At the end of the day, though we were always meeting compliance, it became a challenge to keep up with the paper demand of compliance, and our customer experience would suffer from the inefficiencies. Those were really the leading pushes to find a solution that would be able to encompass all our requirements. That’s when we found ProntoForms – and it’s been fantastic.

Q: What sorts of challenges did you overcome while rolling out the solution?

A: As we put ProntoForms into production, we started to capture a lot of opportunities in the field that we were missing out on when technicians visited a site and noticed an issue with equipment which a customer might not notice, but our service tech would pick up on. Today, they can use ProntoForms to document the problem, estimate costs on the spot, and then forward it to their manager for approval and to our quotes coordinator who sends it to the customer. This created a great opportunity to increase sales, and to provide a better customer experience by helping them prevent a problem now that can be inexpensive now, but if let go it can become a costly expense. This lets us perform preventative maintenance and increase our sales.

Q: How have you found the process of scaling the solution?

A: Our parent company is combining all our sister companies under one umbrella and one system, using Salesforce and ServiceMax to manage all our processes. When we engaged with ProntoForms, we were excited to learn ProntoForms integrates so seamlessly with the services we’re rolling out. We’ve estimated that ServiceMax and ProntoForms are going to reduce our time to build from seven days to one, and we’re thrilled about the potential for scalability using ProntoForms.

Want to hear the full interview? Click here to discover more about how mobility helped Mar Cor grow.

Interview has been edited for clarity and length. For the full interview follow the link above.

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