How to scale your digital transformation from branch to global: Lessons from Johnson Controls

Learn how ProntoForms made it easier for Johnson Controls to scale their digital transformation from branch to global.

During EMPOWER’20, members of ProntoForms’ Professional Services Team had the pleasure of connecting—virtually—with Patricia Peeters, Program Manager, Service Growth at Johnson Controls (JCI). In this session, Patricia shared how the global HVAC, electronics, and automotive parts organizations within JCI EMEA scaled their digital transformation across the region.

Read on if you’re looking to shift your implementation from a branch, single business unit, or individual team, to one that is on a global scale or uses a multi-pronged approach. While you’re at it, check out the ‘Scale’ section of our 5-step methodology.

Here’s a recap of the key points of this informative discussion.

Johnson Controls’ implementation goals

JCI was using ServiceMax and sought a way to digitize maintenance forms and other protocols used by the technicians in the day-to-day service business. The tool had to integrate with ServiceMax easily. This requirement is what led their team to select ProntoForms.

JCI’s Service Growth for Continental Europe falls under Patricia’s responsibilities, and she works diligently to help countries in the region digitize their forms. Patricia has several lines of business within her reach from HVAC, to industrial refrigeration and building management. She wanted to align everyone and develop forms that could be standardized and leveraged. The goal is for one form created for one country to be used by others at JCI EMEA.

Standardization is vital

Patricia mentioned that she’s responsible for starting and leading initiatives for each country in the region and works with a developer who creates the forms. She speaks with each country to get the forms built to meet their unique needs, taking into account any customization they may require.

Standardization is important to Patricia as she said it helps keep the ball rolling so the team doesn’t need to re-invent the wheel with every new country that requests a form. The template built with the integration between ProntoForms and ServiceMax is being recycled with each and every country, adding subtle differences like fields that may be of greater value for one business than for others.

She noted consistency as being an essential consideration when creating forms as this saves time and facilitates the support process.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

When it comes to introducing change, Patricia indicated that it’s critical to establish if a stakeholder is asking for a new field or to rebuild a complete form. From there, she can advise how long the request will take to be fulfilled.

Her kickoff process with each country involves a short demo of several forms that have already been built—a mix of smaller and larger forms. In this session, everyone gets a feel for what can be done and what has already been created.

Where possible, Patricia and her professional developer try to clone the work. This is a timesaver since a form already exists. She emphasized that she gives the team homework and asked to share all the forms they currently have in place and propose others as candidates for form development. She’ll then go in and look at what the team is currently using in the business to guide the form building process.

Patricia recommended keeping a framework in mind that you use to guide the businesses on what the focal points should be, what you need, how far you’re willing to go and to communicate any restrictions. Patricia mentioned she has weekly cadences with most of their countries until they’re set to train their users and roll out the forms.


We’ve just scratched the surface in sharing Patricia’s recommendations based on Johnson Control’s use of ProntoForms within the EMEA region. For the complete picture, check out the recording of the EMPOWER’20 session. It’s well worth your time.

While it may be complex, scaling from branch to global doesn’t have to be a struggle. If you’d like additional support along your journey, reach out to our team to book a demo. We’re experienced in helping organizations scale to achieve business and operational success.

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