Inside look: PG&E goes mobile with ProntoForms

ProntoForms offers a series of webinars where we interview customers and discuss how they use our mobile solution to solve problems around efficiency, safety, and compliance.

PG&E, one of the largest utilities providers in the United States, uses ProntoForms to streamline operations and mitigate risk around the company’s gas meter inspection process. Gas meters are susceptible to atmospheric corrosion and PG&E management needs a clear picture of which assets should be prioritized for repair or replacement at any particular time.

In this webinar, Khaled Fustok, PG&E’s Senior Manager of Gas Technology Strategy & Solutions gives us his take on how he introduced a mobile solution in a large enterprise environment to solve an issue that in the past contributed to a serious accident.

We’ve compiled a few highlights from the webinar, with Khaled telling his story in his own words.

On how PG&E has leveraged the solution:

Khaled: We were able to design the forms, upload the data to the cloud, and have the devices configured, tested, and deployed in the span of a month. We quickly inspected 1.2 million meters. And the data – including images, geospatial information, and corrosion ratings – is available for our management team, who go through the data to determine which meters, based on the inspections, are to be replaced and which meters can be maintained for the next inspection cycle.

On the cost savings:

Khaled: We’ve looked at the atmospheric corrosion inspection costs, ongoing support costs, as well as the productivity rate of our contractors and employees in terms of their ability to inspect. We’ve also looked at the downtime of the prior systems, and compared the overall total cost. In a single year we saved about $1.5 million in atmospheric corrosion costs.

On the future of ProntoForms in PG&E:

Khaled: Obviously, whenever you deliver a successful solution, your reward is always more work. We’re planning on leveraging the solution for about 1.7 million meters that will have to be inspected for corrosion in the near future.

Get the full PG&E story. Read or watch our complete Q&A webinar with Khaled. ProntoForms

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