Is “Inconspicuous Mode” for mobile devices a technology to get behind?

Last week, the popular tech site Info World published an article about a new Microsoft patented technology called “Inconspicuous Mode.” Designed for smartphones, the new technology is designed to minimize the disturbances that a mobile device can cause.

For example, the intuitive technology could utilize elements such as GPS location and environmental factors to automatically enter the quiet mode.

So, say you had an important meeting in the boardroom at work, theoretically, this mode could quiet down the alerts and ringing sounds, as well as dim the phone’s lighting.

From the ProntoForms perspective, this stealth-like mode could cause managers and administrators to miss out on important notifications from workers in the field. However, if a manager receives high volumes of data from ProntoForms users in the field, he/she might have an occasion to require no disturbances during the work day, from time to time.

In theory, the technology might be a good idea, since no one wants to be that person whose phone goes off in front of the boss. However, what about the times when you WANT to hear your phone ring, only to have had it enter inconspicuous mode on its own? Or, what if the phone is simply in a backpack? Due to the dark lighting in there, would the phone simply go into Inconspicuous Mode then, causing you to miss out on important calls?

Plus, don’t you deserve to have the phone ring and embarrass you if you can’t remember to shut it off on your own, anyway?

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