Keep work instructions clear with ProntoForms’ latest features

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Clear work instructions are foundational to technicians accurately and reliably completing work. Combine this with complex, branching workflows—like those in the medical device industry—and having easy-to-follow instructions becomes essential.

That’s why ProntoForms has released two new features as part of our wider work instructions capability: formatted question text and resource images. Together, they help make conveying step-by-step guidance and resources simple.

So, what are these features and what do they do?

Formatted Question Text

Formatted question text allows those who build custom field apps to format the text in individual questions with bold, italics, bullet points, and headers.

This customization means questions are easier to read on small mobile devices, and ultimately result in readable, easier to follow, and visually-appealing work instructions that technicians are happier to adopt.

Formatted question text product photo.

This feature :

  • Increases technician accuracy
  • Customizes form questions with rich text
  • Improves form readability

Resource Images

Including resource images in work instructions can be an incredibly useful tool to accurately convey information. Whether using photos to demonstrate how an asset should look after a repair, or providing educational images, resource images are a powerful addition to work instructions.

Do you frequently update images? No problem. Images can be easily updated in the administration portal. After updating the image, any references to the image will be automatically updated across the forms, eliminating repetitive work.

Now, technicians will have the tools and references they need to complete jobs consistently and adhere to standard operating procedures, no matter their tenure.

Resource image product shot

This feature:

  • Provides detailed work instructions for technicians
  • Updates images instructions with one click
  • Improves technician efficiency

Watch these features in action

Learn how to best leverage these features in the upcoming feature demo on May 27th at 1:00pm. Join ProntoForms product gurus Joel Fear, Erin Longhurst, and Natalie Tallon, as they showcase how these new features can impact workflow readability and increase adoption. Register now!

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