Kickstart workflow automation with ProntoForms’ field team platform

Workflow management tools like ProntoForms automate predictable, repetitive tasks.

Did you know that as many as 90% of employees feel burdened by repetitive, recurring tasks? These routine jobs often leave teams feeling disengaged. Beyond the toll it takes on morale, repeated tasks cost companies up to 19 working days per year per employee. It’s no wonder everyone’s looking to resolve this situation with workflow automation.

Workflow management tools automate predictable, repetitive tasks. Beyond solely replacing inefficient paper-based processes, workflow tools automatically trigger the next steps in a process. These tools encourage greater collaboration amongst teams. As soon as a person or team has finished their work, workflow automation software ensures the person responsible for the next task is notified and has the information needed to execute their part of the workflow.

Seamless workflow automation with ProntoForms Workflow Builder

With ProntoForms’ no-code field service platform, citizen developers in your organization can build processes and forms simply and intuitively. Our workflow builder is the perfect solution to streamline and automate almost any repeatable, routine task, including dispatching, job execution, and sign-off workflows for work orders.

By leveraging ProntoForms, for workflow management, technician satisfaction is guaranteed. Your field service technician’s productivity is greatly enhanced because they’re completely on top of the work performed. Once an activity has been completed, the next activity in the process is automatically assigned, with no time wasted.

There are many benefits for the back-office as well. ProntoForms allows you to automate your business processes and workflows. Our platform ensures you’re better equipped to automate the collection, distribution, and analysis of data from the field. Beyond simply replacing paperwork, the result is being able to make real-time, data-informed business decisions quickly based on insights from what’s happening in the field.

Where ProntoForms’ workflow automation shines

ProntoForms’ workflow automation capabilities shine when you use our solution to streamline many of your field and back-office activities. Information can be passed along to technicians and then sent back to the right people and back-office systems.

Auto-populate data across work order forms

Techs are responsible for completing roughly 5-10 work order forms each day. That’s an enormous amount of data entry for people best suited for turning wrenches, who have limited time, and hate administrative work.

Work order forms are as unique as the industries they’re used in. Some organizations require signatures from multiple individuals, while others include photos, barcodes, or use checklists or calculated figures.

Use ProntoForms to automate repetitive data entry by auto-populating the same information across forms. Doing so saves technicians a considerable amount of time in the field and improves the overall accuracy of your data.

Streamline collecting data

Field service technicians can use ProntoForms on their mobile devices to immediately collect and share data with everyone in your organization who needs it. Workflow automation is the key to eliminating human errors or redundancies when collecting valuable data.

Techs are empowered to capture information, including photo evidence and barcodes as part of their work orders. Using their mobile devices, they can also kick off downstream workflows through parts requisition, quoting, and equipment survey functions.

Instructions and information for completing work orders at a site are at their fingertips, as is the ability to capture tasks completed, time spent, parts used, and any issues identified.

Keep information updated across back-office systems

You likely use at least three or more back-office systems as part of your field service processes. It’s also possible that your techs or supervisors spend their time manually updating information in each of these systems for every single work order they complete. The collected information they’ve captured using paper forms is siloed away and unable to provide context for those who need it.

ProntoForms integrates with practically any back-office system, including your FSM, ERP, and CRM, and helps automate work order creation, updates, and closures. Accurate, up-to-the-minute information is updated across all systems without any manual work required. Better workflow management means the complete end-to-end field service work order process lifecycle is more efficient.

Support recurring maintenance schedules

Perhaps your field service organization maintains equipment or assets on a regularly recurring basis? Rather than manually scheduling repeating work orders, automate a routine maintenance schedule to save your field service manager’s time. Doing so will also ensure that you house your historical documentation in one convenient place.

In addition to this, you can optimize other resources associated with this process with workflow tools, including locating the right technician or team for the job and ensuring the work that’s performed has an appropriately skilled technician assigned to it.

Monitor asset conditions remotely

Certain industries are deeply concerned with monitoring asset conditions to assist with safety checks, compliance, or environmental inspections. The connectivity provided by IoT makes it possible to automate the remote monitoring of these assets. Obtaining real-time notification should a sensor or temperature reading be out of range or an incident occur ensures field techs and management can rapidly solve issues before they arise.

Send reports to external stakeholders

Workflow automation goes beyond solely enabling field techs to do their very best work. With ProntoForms, you can automatically route data collected in the field to customers, partners, vendors, and regulatory agencies as form submissions or notifications as well as documents.

For example, a citizen developer can design a custom EHS workflow app in minutes. This workflow tool serves to streamline data collection and automate compliance reports. Should regulatory requirements change, you can pivot rapidly to ensure everyone has the correct information in their hands.

The ROI gained from using ProntoForms for workflow automation

ProntoForms agile field team platform supercharges your workflow automation efforts. Our solution seamlessly integrates with your workflow management tools to empower field teams with the context and intelligence needed to be more effective and safer. Your techs will be free to focus on other business-critical activities rather than chasing down information or completing paperwork. Your organization gains a competitive edge.

But don’t just take it from us. Our customers are our biggest advocates. ProntoForms’ Customer Impact Report provides a roundup of the results global brands that rely on our platform have achieved. Here are a few key highlights from this survey to demonstrate what you can gain from workflow automation using ProntoForms.

  • 89% have reduced their administrative burden
  • 85% have increased technician productivity
  • 85% say we make it easier to get everything done in one trip
  • 83% have increased technician job satisfaction

Are you ready to take advantage of the many benefits that follow from deploying ProntoForms in your organization, including improving your operational KPIs? Is it time to toss out those analog processes and embark or accelerate digital transformation? Do you dream of automating the many recurring and repetitive tasks in your organization’s workflow?

The gains to be had in productivity and cost savings are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can obtain with workflow automation. Connect with us to get a quick demo and discover what ProntoForms can do for you.

Tanya McGinnity, on Thursday, June 2, 2022
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