Kickstarting your Android data collection

Kickstarting your Android data collection

You’re ready to shred your paper forms, streamline workflows, and eliminate incomplete work reports. Great! You’ve selected Android as your field-deployed mobile device. Fantastic! You’re chomping at the bit to capture data in the field with mobile forms to power meaningful decisions. Whoa there!

There are overwhelming choices for data collection and management and not all are made equal. What solutions should you harness for Android data collection in the field?

Solutions for geotracking

Location, location, location. The word is key, so we said it three (times). Location-anchored data is key to control workflows. Know where your technicians, fleets, or forms are at the touch of a button, and view jobs and submissions by location. Concerned about productivity? Geofencing informs you when technicians arrive at, or leave, a pre-set area.

GoFleet’s Mobile Trax uses a driver’s mobile device to track them. It’s a geotracking superstar that plays well with Android devices. GeoTab, Moblizz, and mobile-ready MapAnything for Salesforce are also great solutions that give a bird’s-eye view of where your workers or fleet are at any time.

Solutions for customer relationship management

The consequences of customer churn reach beyond the loss of an account. Word travels fast, and unhappy former customers can tarnish your reputation with potential new customers or carry their biases against you into new roles at other companies. Customer relationship management (CRM) software turns your field service tech’s client interactions into concrete data that can be tracked and monitored.

Salesforce‘s CRM capabilities for Android devices are a no-brainer. Salesforce allows you to manage customer support, track accounts, and increase retention on a single platform. It’s trusted by industry giants like AAA Carolinas and Halliburton for a reason.

Solutions for analytics

So, your technicians are out on the road using Android devices to send you valuable information through a mobile form solution. Now what? Build real-time dashboards that, much like Android widgets, compile the data that’s important to youin one location. Track assets, ensure compliance, plan preventative maintenance, and more at the touch of a button.

Birst is a great analytics software choice. Gartner rated them number one in embedded business intelligence solutions.

Solutions for legacy Android apps

Androids are inherently open-source, which makes it easy to implement new java apps. This means companies using Android devices or experimenting with Android deployment might have in-house data collection solutions.

If your Android app works, there’s no sense completely kicking it to the curb. Any mobile form solution should ensure that your existing solution, and any additional data collection software, are integrated with each other.


Whether you integrate one—or all—of these data collection software, bring them together with ProntoForms. ProntoForms is a low-code enterprise-grade mobile forms app that seamlessly integrates with all the above software (and then some) and empowers users to collect data wherever and whenever.

Read Gateway Mechanical’s story for a real-world example of ProntoForms and Android data collection. Learn how the company replaced a paper-based system with a mobile one and the role ProntoForms played in this project’s success.

Are you ready to collect powerful data in the field? Request a demo today.

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