Learn from your clients’ stories

As some of you may have seen over the last few months, we’ve made more of an effort to tell the ProntoForms stories of some of our clients. Or, to be more accurate, our clients have been telling us their stories.

The cynics out there will say that we’re doing it purely for promotional purposes. To be sure, we do have our marketing reasons for putting together case studies and video testimonials from ProntoForms clients.

But, along the way, we’ve also learned more about our clients, our product and about how we can improve things. By simply listening, we’ve really enjoyed the multiple uses and high level feedback we’ve been getting from ProntoForms customers.

As you can see from this video testimonial, we’re able to better understand how ProntoForms is positively affecting the processes of various businesses.

So look for more client stories in the coming weeks and months, as we try and let the people who use the product tell the world what ProntoForms is all about. Makes sense, right?

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Mats LindebergMats Lindeberg
As ProntoForms’ Communications Manager, Mats leads a team of talented writers who provide written content for web, marketing collateral, social media, and PR. When he’s not moving commas around, he’s coaching Little League baseball and playing keys in a cover band. Mats has a degree in Journalism from Stockholm University.
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