Microsoft’s TechEd 2012 is a reminder of why ProntoForms fully supports Windows Phone OS

Nokia Lumia ProntoFormsJust because Apple and Google have risen to become the leaders in mobile operating systems in North America, doesn’t mean you can discount the rest of the field. As evidenced by Microsoft’s TechEd North America Conference, you have to sit up and take notice of what the other operating system creators are doing.

Recently, ProntoForms (with quotes from Microsoft, Nokia and AT&T) announced its support of Windows Phone. While iOS and Android operating systems continue to service the majority of our clients, we viewed the inroads and functionality of the new Windows Phone OS to be a very viable option for our clients.

So, as Microsoft rolls out more tablet and smartphone features, achievements and marketing efforts, rest assured that mobile forms supplier ProntoForms will be closely monitoring its progress, as well as fully supporting the operating system(s).

It’s also worth noting that currently, ProntoForms offers connectivity with Microsoft cloud computing options SharePoint and SkyDrive, further demonstrating our commitment to the Microsoft brand, and not only to iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Whether your business chooses to go the Microsoft route is up to you. We just wanted to assert our intention to continue to support Microsoft’s mobile efforts.

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Mats LindebergMats Lindeberg
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