Mobile forms plus Salesforce equals greater productivity

Salesforce integration with ProntoFormsOne of the top cloud computing platforms and CRM systems in the world, Salesforce has over 2 million global users.

Recognizing the need to offer full integration with Salesforce in a simple way, ProntoForms recently unveiled two-way Salesforce integration.

Tens of thousands of subscribers use ProntoForms on smartphones and tablets. Many of these same subscribers also use Salesforce. In listening to feedback from our customers, we found that while the power of Salesforce does wonders to organize sales lead information and other key data, accessing it via a mobile device isn’t always optimal.

Enter ProntoForms two-way Salesforce integration. Not only can the ProntoForms App access Salesforce data sources (ex. parts information, client information) within a mobile form, but it can also submit collected data to Salesforce – no more visits to or the Salesforce mobile App.

Not requiring the Salesforce App is especially valuable since many field data collectors may not have Salesforce accounts. In other words, with the use of ProntoForms, a field user can collect and send data to Salesforce – without being a direct Salesforce admin or requiring Salesforce access.

“We offer businesses that require field access to both Salesforce data and data from other systems, a technology leading, affordable mobile solution. This addresses the real customer need for a mobile alternative at a fraction of the time and cost, a major boost to field productivity,” said Alvaro Pombo, ProntoForms Founder and CEO, in our July 28th press release.

In addition, using ProntoForms, mobile users can actually create a Salesforce record and populate specific fields with media rich content, including signatures, photos and barcodes.

Lastly, data that’s submitted to Salesforce from the ProntoForms App can actually update a Salesforce data source (content that’s accessible within a mobile form).

Check out this video on integrating Salesforce with ProntoForms:

Connectivity to Salesforce is but one connection option offered by ProntoForms, in an effort to make data collection and submission as fast and as cost-effective as possible.

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