Mobile technology making its way into schools

Going paperless

As a mobile forms provider, ProntoForms is always advocating for a paperless society. Well, it appears we are heading that way.

According to the Winston-Salem Journal, one school is doing away with paper as part of a government-funded program. Using various tablets in school, grade school students at six elementary schools are trying out a mobilized, somewhat paperless education experience.

Students are permitted to use the tablets to read electronic books, access and download certain applications, conduct online research and even enjoy scheduled play time.

From the students perspective, they are enjoying the mobile technology experience, with one student mentioning how they’re learning all about what is safe and what isn’t on the Internet.

It is said that the program’s success will be determined by how the students scores during testing.

From the ProntoForms point of view, we’re all for advancements in education and mobile technology together. We have school-related clients, including the St. John Baptist Parish School Board in Louisiana. It uses our mobile forms solution to evaluate teachers and real-time send the information to school board administrators, for faster processing.

But, you might be asking how something like ProntoForms can apply to actual grade school students. The answer is any number of ways. For example, imagine a simple mobile form for class fundraising efforts. It could work.

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