Monitoring the growth of mobile devices

The world is going portable and mobile

While all of the major computer and mobile device manufacturers are each feverishly cooking up creations that will get an edge on the others, the growth of the portable laptop and tablet markets appear to be taking a more globally appealing and cost effective turn.

The Scientific American recently featured an article on how stripped down tablets and laptops have been given to those in underdeveloped countries as part of various initiatives, including the One Laptop Per Child project, a project that includes the involvement of Intel, among others.

Not only are nations on other continents becoming more tech-savvy and mobile, but this stripped down mobility is also slowly being perpetuated in North America as well. School systems and other other key organizations and institutions have begun purchasing scaled down computing models.

While these devices are cruder than some of the more robust consumer and business tablets, it’s a clear demonstration of where this world is headed – mobile technology. This particular article may have had an education and student slant to it, but the implications and technology trends are there.

In a world that’s getting closer and closer to being run primarily by mobile devices, transcending applications such as ProntoForms are at the forefront of how workflows and processes are re-designed.

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