More than an electronic signatures app

Signatures are the underrated hero in the field service story.

Without sign-off, customers can question whether your company provided adequate service or even arrived on site. Add field team supervisors, job site owners, vendors, approval chains, and signatures begin to do more than offer a chance to practice your autograph: they lend credibility to workflows and reports.

If you’re hesitant to go digital because of required signatures in your field service processes, don’t be. Electronic signatures are an integral part of any good field service app solution and, with the right platform, are more than a neat feature — they help streamline workflows.

Customer sign-off

Quality customer service is integral to field service organizations. By extension, it’s both frustrating and costly when customers claim that installations, repairs, or maintenance services were not administered, especially when they are tied to an SLA. Even with the best digital workflow, without a customer signature there is no concrete proof that customers acknowledged and approved the work completed.

An electronic signatures app not only provides a record of services but, because of its digitized format, can be included in output documents like invoices or follow-up estimates. These can be sent directly to customers after a completed work order.

Workflow assurance

Sometimes a single signature makes the difference between ensuring a job is completed on schedule and as agreed. Electronic signatures make job inspections and workflow assurance easy. Stakeholders can sign-off on inspections or work performed and instantly store the signed forms in a system of record for easy retrieval.

Improved visibility

Real-time communication is critical in risk-heavy industries like energy resources where action needs to be taken quickly to address issues before they become disasters.

When approval chains need to sign-off on decisions rapidly, electronic signature approval not only speeds the authorization process to real-time, but the forms or apps they are attached to can be sent to anyone, regardless of location or time zone.

Even for more risk-averse industries, the ability to gather signatures from multiple parties or simply send a completed work order for a manager to sign-off on takes away hours of back-and-forth emailing or scanning.

“Signature” features to look for in an electronic signatures app

There are a few key features electronic signature providers should offer out-of-the-box:

  • Device integration: Forcing technicians to carry single-purpose devices, like an electronic signature machine, is not only cumbersome but creates more steps for your field and back-office teams to connect and process collected signatures. Any digital signature solution should work directly on technicians’ mobile devices.
  • Offline capture: Asking a customer to re-sign a completed work order days or weeks later is unprofessional. Offline capabilities ensure every signature is captured the first time and synced to the correct systems once a connection is re-established.
  • Geo and time stamp: What use is a signature that no one knows when or where it was signed? Geo/time stamping makes signatures traceable with contextual details.
  • Custom restrictions: Want to hide signatures or make them mandatory when field technicians complete tasks? Control access or use powerful conditional logic to automatically add or remove the signature field depending on user input.


When integrated with field service workflows, an electronic signatures app has the possibility to impact multiple aspects of fieldwork. Take Graniterock, one of California’s premier construction materials producer, who used ProntoForms to not only cut seven days of transmitting information to real-time but included electronic signatures in inspection forms for technicians to sign-off on non-conformant issues.

Become a field service superhero, stay compliant, and improve customer transparency. Get in touch for a demo.

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