Motorola and Android make mobile business solutions move

ProntoForms on the Motorola Razr

ProntoForms on the Motorola Razr

With mobile powerhouses like Apple and Samsung becoming more active in the business application space, Motorola has gotten into the act.

According to ZDNET, Motorola is making a move in the mobile business solutions market, essentially becoming more open and encouraging with Android developers. The Motodev for Enterprise resource centre launched this week, giving developers more tools and resources to create better Motorola mobile device applications.

BUT, while this article demonstrates the growth of mobilization in business, it also speaks to the notion that enterprises should be spending considerable resources on developing these mobile business solutions on their own.

The problem with this notion is that there are simply too many variables. Unforseen challenges and other risks almost always crop up when companies undertake any major development project.

Projects of this magnitude pretty much exclude the SMB sector as well. Moreover, smart device OS’s can change frequently, putting strain on development teams to keep up.

That’s why ProntoForms is a much better mobile solutions fit for businesses. It’s a customized solution that can be deployed in a short amount of time and tied in to any back office system. There’s a reason we’re the top selling AT&T mobile device application.

Overall, the Motorola news is EXACTLY the type of trend we reference in our ProntoForms Mobile Business Solutions White Paper. It’s a great example of today’s business reality. Everything is going mobile and paperless. Companies must work faster and smarter in the field.

For ProntoForms, this news story is more reinforcement for our belief that we are well positioned for the ever-evolving world of business.

We encourage all prospective ProntoForms clients to check out our White Paper for themselves, to see just how the mobile business solutions climate is growing, and how the possibilities can truly benefit their business.

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