Wondering how to move towards better EHS outcomes? ProntoForms has you covered

The vertical transportation industry leader turned to ProntoForms for assistance with several challenges with its EHS processes.

The goal for field service leaders and their teams is to ensure field service technicians are free from harm on the job and return home safely after a hard day’s work. It’s not easy. Hazardous conditions make it challenging to keep technicians safe, including work performed from heights, in confined spaces, or with dangerous materials, often with little supervision. A well-executed Employee Health and Safety (EHS) program will help minimize risks, maintain regulatory compliance, and track incidents should they unfortunately occur.

How ProntoForms helps with EHS processes

ProntoForms is a valuable addition to any company’s digital toolbelt. Our no-code field team platform helps field service technicians avoid workplace incidents by providing:

  • intelligent work guidance that gives technicians data in context from an organization’s business systems, including EHS and compliance systems
  • asset, job site, and compliance/ safety steps embedded directly into work processes
  • training and support procedures integrated into work processes
  • immediate access to updated safety protocols

ProntoForms’ mobile solution enhances your existing EHS reporting. Digital forms on mobile devices allow for rapid data collection and real-time information sharing, streamlining EHS investigation processes from start to finish. Manufacturing apps make a big difference.

Read on to learn more about how we helped a Fortune 500 company that develops, manufactures, and markets elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and related equipment:

  • modernize its EHS systems
  • improve safety processes
  • empower field teams with the right tools and knowledge

Elevator & escalator manufacturer EHS use case

The vertical transportation industry leader turned to ProntoForms for assistance with several challenges with its EHS processes. The obstacles they faced include:

  • Inefficient processes. Before using ProntoForms, employees would collect regulatory, safety, and auditing requirements on paper. This information was then logged into the system once a week. It was a time-consuming, manual process that resulted in numerous errors. In addition, this manual process caused unnecessary delays and limited the company’s ability to generate reports.
  • Limited visibility. The organization has many field professionals and supervisors working on multiple projects at distributed sites. This situation made it challenging to track who was performing work at what location, what issues were arising, and how these employees responded to safety hazards.
  • Maintaining compliance. It was challenging to keep up with and enforce compliance due to paper-based record-keeping systems. The company is required to comply with multiple EHS policies, standards, and regulations throughout several jurisdictions. It also has its own standards and policies to follow.
  • Risks from failing to follow compliance rules. It could be devastating for the company if it were unable to follow EHS rules and guidelines. The negative results to follow from a failure to comply with these rules include legal liability and steep penalties. Additionally, downtime and delays in timelines for project delivery are possible. The company required much-needed tools to minimize the potential and severity of EHS incidents.
  • Lost opportunities. Adherence to EHS gives a company a competitive advantage, including improved product and service delivery. The company needed access to real-time data and analytics to maximize its potential. With this information readily at hand, it would be better equipped to measure EHS performance and gain insights to advance its initiatives.

Results obtained from using ProntoForms for EH&S

With ProntoForms, the Fortune 500 elevator, escalator & moving walkway manufacturer has vastly improved its EHS capabilities. It has increased its ability to demonstrate its commitment to safety, reliability, and reputation.

The organization has obtained positive business outcomes in several key areas:

  • Increased compliance. The company now incorporates regulatory and safety standards in its field services business. The result? Increased compliance with global, regional, and operation-level EHS requirements.
  • Improved risk mitigation. It’s easier than ever for technicians and engineers to gather important evidence. Photos can be instantly provided to assist with risk mitigation, allowing supervisors to deliver instructions on how to handle hazardous situations or can authorize a ‘stop work’ decision rapidly. These images can be annotated and/or geo-stamped, and meta-data can be enabled for improved auditing.
  • Rapid response capabilities. The operations team is now fully equipped to quickly respond to emergency and evolving industry needs and device response plans. The team can rapidly implement regulatory-driven requests and use cases such as changes to OSHA or urgent customer requests.
  • Enhanced safety monitoring. ProntoForms helps the company’s teams leverage rich data collected in the field and turns this information into actionable insights. Thanks to the seamless link between the manufacturer’s internal retention systems, live scorecards, and goal metrics, it now benefits from greater simplicity of information and better visibility into KPIs and metrics.
  • Repeated work is reduced. The business logic behind the manufacturer’s mobile forms allows field associates to finish their work on the very first visit. The company saves an estimated three hours a month by eliminating rework using ProntoForms.
  • And more


ProntoForms is easy to deploy and can be done incrementally to fit a customer’s needs and requirements. In this case, the company rolled out and adapted our solution to over 15,000 users worldwide. Our mobile forms automation software easily integrates into existing systems and data sets, reducing disruptions and accelerating deployment.

To learn more about this deployment, check out the complete use case. You’ll also get a glimpse of the company’s detailed end-to-end workflow showing the touchpoints for how field data flows through the organization.

If you’re curious to know how we can not only help you optimize your EHS processes but support you with asset inspections, audits, and more, let us show you ProntoForms’ field team platform in action. Sign up for a demo. You won’t regret it. 

Tanya McGinnity, on Thursday, August 25, 2022
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