New ProntoForms features: Automatic Dispatching, Integrations with Zendesk and Amazon Web Services, SMS Notifications, and more

This summer, the ProntoForms team is very pleased to have introduced the availability of several new, easy-to-use dispatching and integration features. With each new feature and improvement, the task of mobilizing business processes for enterprise IT professionals becomes simpler and more effective. These features were inspired by customer feedback, and by trends in mobile business data collection and management.

Here’s an overview of what functionality has been added to the ProntoForms application and platform pertaining to dispatch and data destinations. To dive deeper into any of these features, simply click on the embedded links.

Automatic Dispatching

The submission of a mobile form can now automatically trigger the dispatch of a second form, with our new Dispatch Data Destination. Administrators can combine this with the new dynamic ProntoForms Group Data Source and with filtering rules to create mobile workflows.

  • The ProntoForms Dispatch Data Destination streamlines workflows by allowing forms to be dispatched to users on-the-go from a mobile device. It saves administrators time by minimizing the need to access the ProntoForms Web Portal on a frequent basis, this data destination is also incredibly user-friendly, with no .csv files to download and upload. When a form linked to a Dispatch Data Destination has data submitted against it, selected data is then dispatched to a selected target form and target user. Any user with the appropriate permissions configured can dispatch data; all they need are “Can Submit” permissions in a FormSpace containing the dispatching form. If dispatching to more than one user, the ProntoForms Dispatch Data Destination is best paired with a ProntoForms Group Data Source.
  • ProntoForms Group Data Source compiles information about the users in a selected ProntoForms group, and makes the collected fields (like user ID, Display Name,  First Name, Last Name, email address, etc) available for use in a form. In the past, some ProntoForms teams have maintained manual upload data sources with lists of users. The ProntoForms Group data source eliminates this need and further automates the process; there are no files to upload, as the list is generated automatically. Once the data source is created, there is no maintenance required;  the ProntoForms Group Data Source updates immediately and automatically when a user is added or removed to the group, or if any user information changes.
  • Data Destination Filtering can optionally be applied to all ProntoForms Data Destination types for more powerful and flexible handling of submitted forms and associated data. Filtering functionality allows Data Destinations to execute only if the filtering rules are met; multiple Data Destinations can be defined for each form to route data depending on form state, data record state, or even based on custom filtering rules. Submitted data can be routed to different destinations based on the filtering rules applied. Alternatively, each Data Destination can route the data in a different format to the same destination depending on the data submitted.

 Zendesk Data Destination

ProntoForms users who also use the Zendesk online help desk service can now configure its mobile forms to optionally create a support ticket. Zendesk Data Destination routes submitted ProntoForms data to a Zendesk “ticket” in the Zendesk domain of your choice.   Use your forms to specify priorities and ticket types; use form data and answers to create dynamic, customized subject lines and comments. Not all of the data in a submitted form needs to appear in the Zendesk ticket; pick and choose the applicable fields to include, and even include files as ticket attachments. The Zendesk Data Destination can create new Zendesk users, or submit tickets through an existing user whose email address matches the Pronto user’s email address.

Amazon Web Services Data Destinations and Dynamic Data Destinations

The ProntoForms dynamic data source feature for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) will periodically fetch your data source file (CSV, XML, or JSON) from an Amazon S3 storage bucket. The new S3 data destination allows secure storage of your mobile form document (PDF, DOCX, HTML) and data files (XML, JSON) in your Amazon Web Services account.

We have also introduced a data destination for the AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS). ProntoForms data destination support for Amazon SNS and S3 enables use of the full range of AWS Application Services, including the Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Simple Workflow Service (SWS). This is a key enabler for customers who want to use the cloud for more than just infrastructure, and want to take advantage of the capabilities and cost-savings offered by cloud-based application services.

SMS (Text Message) Data Destination

Your important mobile form submissions can now trigger a text message. Configure an SMS data destination with a filter that will identify important submissions from your team, and you will receive notifications on your phone as they are submitted. The notifications sent can also be pre-set static messages, or they can be dynamically generated based on the data submitted. For example, including answers such as a customer name.

This data destination can be useful for sharing data between company users, and can instantly provide brief updates on clients or projects to users at various locations across multiple devices.  It can also be used to provide notifications to customers. Moreover, the SMS Data Destination can be combined with other data destinations to supplement other processes.

As always, we appreciate and welcome product feedback from our business customers. You can reach us at

Glenn Chenier is the VP of R&D with ProntoForms.