Nokia recommends ProntoForms as a great reason to bring the Lumia to work

Nokia Lumia ProntoFormsOur mobile data solution works on every major mobile operating system, including with the Windows Phone operating system on Nokia smartphones. Recently, Nokia’s Conversations section mentioned ProntoForms as one of the 10 great reasons to bring your Nokia Lumia to work.

While it was but a quick mention as part of a larger article, the inclusion of ProntoForms as a viable workplace and mobile form solution by a major device maker spoke volumes. With over 1,600 businesses having adopted the ProntoForms application and platform, it’s safe to say that we have gained significant traction in the mobile business App market.

In May, ProntoForms, along with Microsoft, Nokia and AT&T, officially launchedsupport for the Windows Phone 7.5 operating system. Not only does ProntoForms excel on Nokia devices, but it’s also compatible with cloud computing services like Microsoft SharePoint and SkyDrive.

“Nokia is proud to work with ProntoForms, a leader in the mobile data collection and workflow solutions space. The ProntoForms application truly takes advantage of the powerful device and operating system featured in our Windows Phone portfolio of smartphones,” stated Purnima Kochikar, Vice President, Business, Nokia, in the May press release.

We are the premier paperless solution and it’s nice to see the word is starting to spread.

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