One size doesn’t fit all: ProntoForms’ deployment methodology

There’s no right answer to whether it’s best to take a DIY path when implementing ProntoForms using our no-code platform, or to rely on our professional services team.

ProntoForms’ no-code implementation methodology has certainly changed with the times. In our company’s early days, 70% of our customers chose the professional services assisted route. This method involved members of our team handling project management tasks and building mobile forms. In the past two years, we’ve seen an uptick in companies taking the self-service path.

This dramatic shift came about because of the rising use of low code application platforms (LCAP) and no-code platforms. At the center of this change has been the citizen developer who has driven innovation by quickly creating custom-built business apps using these platforms. Having someone close to the business who can potentially get mission-critical solutions up and running in less than four weeks is revolutionary.

Our philosophy is there’s no right answer to whether it’s best to take a DIY path when implementing ProntoForms using our no-code platform, or to rely on our professional services team. We believe that the customer drives this agenda forward. Read on to gain insight into these two options and hear why our customers prefer their chosen method using our mobile forms software.

The self-service method

When customers go the self-service route, our role is to provide support with education and relevant content. We’re set to chaperone customers of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Ginger’s no-code story

At a session during EMPOWER’20, Ginger Blainey, Manager, Business Analysis & Product Owner at ICF Resources shared her experience in taking a self-service approach to her implementation of ProntoForms. She told the story that when she initially engaged ProntoForms, ICF Resources had a general use case in mind using our no-code platform, but having the ability to build forms themselves for solutions of any size and complexity intrigued was intriguing.

Ginger noted that “The biggest reason we chose to build forms ourselves was to allow that constant flow of flexibility and have internal control of timelines for the rollouts.”

The assisted pathway approach

Some of ProntoForms customers engage with our professional services team from the very beginning. This journey is similar to the self-service method described above, with the key difference being the ownership, thought-leadership, delivery, and execution all reside with the Implementation Services team at ProntoForms. We take the lead with our many years of experience deploying forms and workflows.

Drew’s professional services story

During EMPOWER’20, Drew Hettich, President/Chief Operating officer at Wiers shared his experience as a customer that has taken the “buy” route. Drew noted how it was an easy decision to purchase professional service hours. He felt he had two choices: either to learn everything he could about ProntoForms and design their preventative maintenance form himself, or outsource the form and focus on its strategic value in his organization.

Drew said, “…we had a fabulous experience dealing with the ProntoForms’ staff,” and recommended considering the purchase of professional services if you’re unable to dedicate a lot of resources to develop your own forms.

It’s your choice: No-code or professional services

One size really doesn’t fit all when it comes to implementing ProntoForms in your organization. Either path to success depends on many factors, including your timelines, budget, internal resources, and involvement of corporate IT, to name a few.

Whether you’re a new or existing customer, we’re here for you and happy to be a partner in your business transformation. Reach out to your account manager or contact us for a quick demo to discover how to make the most of our scalable, field-focused, no-code platform.

If you’re curious to learn more about this topic, we encourage you to watch the full interview between members of our Professional Services team and Ginger and Drew. You can also check out our 5-step methodology to become familiar with our complete process.

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