Our Business Customers – The Lifeblood of ProntoForms

Mark Scott new picAs ProntoForms grows in market share, capabilities and accolades, we always bring it back to one aspect – our customers. It may sound cliché to say, but in our case it really is true; we owe a great deal of our success and our evolution to our customers.

In life, we tend to get passionate about the things that stimulate and serve us well. This is certainly the case for many of our business customers. ProntoForms users and businesses that are saving enormous time and money by deploying mobile forms, are no stranger to exhibiting passion. We’ve seen it time and time again, through our case studies and client videos.

But we’ve also harnessed this passion and been able to create a phenomenal open dialogue environment, where customers are encouraged to participate in the evolution of the ProntoForms product – both with the application and the Web Portal.

Listening to the Marketplace and You!

It’s been a longstanding policy of the ProntoForms Research and Development department to take its cues from both the marketplace and from our customer base.

In other words, when looking at what new features or product updates to introduce, R&D analyzes the latest trends in mobile data collection and device capabilities. Moreover, our other main source of product development inspiration comes directly from our customers.

Big or small, all ProntoForms business customers matter. A good idea is a good idea, period. That’s why we offer users multiple ways to communicate their suggestions to our team. Be it through our Support site or directly to a ProntoForms Sales Representative or Solutions Engineer, the only way we’re going to give you what you want is by actually hearing your voice – so share your ideas and feedback.

We’ve Delivered

While some product improvement ideas are more easily implementable than others, we have received some great asks over the years – and we have delivered.

When several customers wanted to have the ability to dispatch partially filled in forms to user mobile devices, we delivered.

When a few customers asked for the ability to sketch on images prior integrating them to a form, we made it happen.

When we fielded numerous requests for a wide variety of data connection options, we did our due diligence and added several – and we’ll continue to add more.

We’re Just Getting Started

It’s obvious that a business can’t thrive without its share of customers. But the great organizations learn as much as they can from their customers and adapt accordingly.

In a market with 22-million subscriber potential, you don’t become market leaders without a little help from your friends.

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Mark ScottMark Scott
Mark Scott is the VP of Marketing for the ProntoForms mobile form solution.
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