Paperless and mobilization picking up steam

A quick search in Google News for the word ‘paperless’ and you’ll be amazed just how many reports and stories it yields. Indeed, the paperless, mobilization revolution has begun. There’s no stopping it now.

Respected outlets such as Business Insider are putting out mobile presentations, stats and trends all of the time, trumpeting the this new dawn of mobilization.

And it’s not just companies that are mobilizing workflows, it’s cities and schools, too.

Think back to when direct deposit became popular. There were those that resisted change. They were the same ones that had to wait for a check in the mail, physically go to the bank and wait in line, with the possibility of their account holding back part of the funds. It seemed silly to anyone who quickly adapted to the ease and simplicity of direct deposit.

Now, fast forward to today and the thousands upon thousands of companies who are still using paper forms in the field. The direct deposit parallel is very similar. Sure, you have some firms that are ready to integrate mobile form solutions like ProntoForms. But then there are the businesses that have been successful for many years, that don’t want to deviate from what is already place.

While sticking with conventional checks over direct deposit might hurt cashflow, sticking with paper forms over mobile forms could hurt the well being of a business. As more and more companies make the transition over to mobile data compiling and transfer, those that decide to stand firm with paper will fall behind.

From the ProntoForms perspective, we work with all of the above. Progressive and traditional companies, cities and educational institutions. That’s part of the fun of being on the front line of this paperless, mobilization revolution – it’s only just begun!

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