Paperless trend well documented

The world as we know it is becoming more and more paperless. While we won’t be reading menus in restaurants on digital tablets any time soon (or will we?), mankind is making great strides in general. According to a recent survey on paper-related habits by Nitro, as referenced by the Ecopreneurist, our collective paper habits are improving.

While the survey was more geared toward consumer habits as opposed to business paper practices, we can certainly extrapolate some relevant data, in regards to the potential behaviors of businesses.

Nearly half of those surveyed said they would be cutting down on printed paper, while nearly four out of ten people said they would be reducing their use of forms, contracts and documents.

Without independent verification of this survey, we cannot verify just how accurate these numbers are, but they are fairly consistent with the continual prevailing sentiment that paperless is the way to go – both for consumers and for companies.

The Ecopreneurist certainly has an interest in covering sustainable trends and news. But from a business perspective, it’s findings such as these that further speak to the incredible opportunity for companies to switch to mobile forms with ProntoForms, and to no longer be slaves to paper.

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