ProntoForms adds new sketch pad feature

Posted by Mats Lindeberg, Tuesday, December 4, 2012

TVehicle Screenshot Sketchpadhis week, ProntoForms introduces yet another valuable new feature to our mobile forms. Sketch Pad is a mobile form feature that allows field users to sketch on a blank canvas, pre-loaded image (uploaded through the Web portal and made available to mobile devices) or on a device image.

Sketch pad functionality is easy to add to any mobile form and easy to use in the field.

There are a myriad of reasons to begin taking advantage of the sketch pad feature within ProntoForms mobile forms. An insurance inspector may want to circle the impact area on a car and integrate the image into his assessment report form. An architect may want to sketch more details over a floor plan.

Once the act of sketching is complete, the end result is integrating seamlessly into the form and the field user can then submit and share it with the office and other team members.

The sketch pad feature is also available in our ProntoForms trial sample forms, so you can give it a shot even if you don’t currently subscribe.

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