ProntoForms answers Buy vs Build age old IT question

IT ProfessionalWhen IT professionals sit down with management and assess the costs and feasibility of undertaking a technology related project, invariably the question of buy versus build comes up. To purchase a business solution or to build it in-house. It’s a dilemma that has plagued technology and information officers since the Commodore 64 was still useful.

But with the advancement of mobile technology and the development of incredible App and solution after App and solution, we think we’re seeing the tipping point in this long standing debate.

Since time is money and productivity means everything, buy has emerged as the more sensible choice. Think about it. Now more than ever, IT vendors are giving you more customization choices in their products. The result is that businesses everywhere are benefiting greatly – and saving on resources.

Take ProntoForms, an extremely customizable mobile form solution, allowing businesses to be more productive in the field, while being able to deliver real-time results. The sheer affordability, customization and reduction in costs that come with ProntoForms has made the Buy vs Build match a no contest. The idea of building an in-house mobile data and smart form solution when ProntoForms can deliver everything a company could ever need, simply seems counterproductive.

When you factor in all of the potential complications, delays, ineffective versions, etc…that can arise during a build process, it’s a choice that starts to look like the more daunting and untrustworthy route to take. From what our clients tell us, buy over build has worked out just fine for their needs. Who are we to argue?

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