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Few companies have the same global footprint for mobile data collection, sharing, and analytics as ProntoForms. We continue to be the world leader in automated mobile workflows that drive operational insight. Every month, our customers submit millions of forms from the field to cloud services for storage, to people for notification, and to corporate offices for analysis.

From automating tasks and routing data, to tracking and optimizing business performance, our mobile solution has helped transform how field workers operate, with breakthroughs in efficiency, speed, and analytical insight.

Our 3,500 customers are found in virtually all regions of the world. Their industries are equally diverse, including construction, utilities, mining, retail, facility management, and transportation. The world map below in a snapshot of the company’s global presence by size. The locations in purple have the largest customer footprint, followed by areas in pink, red and gold.

Note: the colored areas don’t correspond with the exact location of submitted forms, rather they are based on the approximate location of the ISP that relayed the data.

Global Use Cases

Here is a quick snapshot of the dominant industries and/or functions by geography

North America
Mining –Safety inspections, heavy vehicles/equipment

Mining is big business in the U.S., with over 13,000 operational mines dominated by coal and other nonmetal minerals. Our mine clients use our mobile forms instead of paper over a mile below Earth. They don’t have to worry about paper records getting dirty and smudged, and even though there’s no network connectivity in the mine, our solution works offline and automatically submits the report when connectivity is restored at the surface.

South America
Facility Management –Inspections & Audits, Safety Inspections

Inspection and audit clients in facilities throughout South America have peace of mind knowing they are in compliance with key life-saving equipment. Our mobile forms enable them to swiftly respond to compliance audits with accurate data.

Telecom –Cell Tower inspections/Preventative Maintenance

With 8 out of every 10 Australians mobile phone users, keeping cell towers operational is critical. We are helping mobile phone operators Down Under ensure cell towers are operating at optimal capacity. Our mobile forms also support dispatch asset information for asset inspection, repair, maintenance and more.

Elevators –Maintenance Inspections/Preventative Maintenance

Tokyo ranks fourth globally for the largest number of skyscrapers. ProntoForms makes it easy for Japan’s building and elevator inspectors to maintain elevators in near real-time. Our mobile forms let them create reports to track compliance, report results of quality-control inspections and even upload photos to back up documentation.

Transportation –Highway Safety Inspections

In the UK, almost three times more goods move by roads than by water and rail combined, with road freight contributing £11bn to the UK economy in 2014. Highway safety inspections are critical for both driver safety and the British economy, which is why highway safety inspectors depend on ProntoForms to conduct road safety audits.

Retail –Store Inspections, Brand Management

Indonesia’s retail sales totaled $376 billion in 2015, with the capital, Jakarta, alone boasting more than 100 shopping malls. Our forms ensure that individual stores in this Asian retailing hotspot follow corporate brand standards. Retail marketing and quality compliance teams can embed photos in inspection forms to quickly document merchandise layout and other brand considerations quickly on the go, to ensure brand cohesion across their chain.

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