ProntoForms compatible with Google Cloud Print and WIFI printers

ProntoForms is all about going paperless and mobile. But, some processes still require a printed document. As a result, the mobile form application and platform has added Google Cloud Print as a new data destination for users in the field.

If Google Cloud Print is chosen as a data destination, once a data record (or mobile form) is submitted by a mobile worker, it automatically prints to a Google Cloud-enabled printer. Regardless of where the mobile worker or the printer are, the print request is in real time.

“Printing is still important for many customers, and we’re pleased to enable Google Cloud Print integration to meet that need. Beyond Google Cloud Print, ProntoForms easily integrates with other cloud and mobile print technologies. For example, users can set up an email destination with HP ePrint or Epson Connect printers,” explains Glenn Chenier, VP of R&D for the ProntoForms solution.

As long as the printer is WIFI enabled and has a unique email address, ProntoForms can connect to it and print instantly.

Tip: Only want to print some of your completed forms? Set up a filter to look inside the data of each of your submissions, and make that print decision on the spot, in real time.

Click here for more information on how ProntoForms can connect to Google Cloud Print and other WIFI printers.

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