ProntoForms iOS app gets customer-centered updates


The ProntoForms mobile app is already known as the industry leader for its ease of use and intuitive design. But we’ve incorporated the feedback we’ve heard from our iOS customers into a whole new look and feel. The ProntoForms mobile app for iOS now aligns with the user experience and visual design best practices of Apple and other leading app vendors.

Here are some of the new features available on the ProntoForms iOS app:

3D Touch – Peek and PopiPad Pro

We’ve made sure we’re up to speed with Apple’s newest developments, which is why our
platform now supports 3D Touch capabilities that were introduced on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. 3D Touch allows you to preview files and items without actually opening them. Press lightly on a ProntoForms icon to preview a destination and keep pressing to go there. This is another addition to ProntoForms’ arsenal of time-saving features. You no longer need to travel back and forth between files to get the information you need. With 3D Touch, it’s Peek and Pop instead of click after click.

iPad Pro supported

Apple recently launched the 12.9” iPad Pro, and the ProntoForms iOS app has been fully operational on the new device from day one. When the iPad Pro is coupled with Apple’s Smart Keyboard, you can even use keyboard shortcuts to perform a range of tasks without touching the screen. For example, Command–S triggers the “Send Form” function. For a full list of supported shortcuts, please consult our technical documentation.

Spotlight SearchSpotlight Search

The latest mobile apps are designed to be searchable using the Spotlight feature – and ProntoForms is no different. Using the Spotlight Search feature, field workers can search for keywords in the sea of forms they’ve collected over time. Rather than swiping through page after page to find that missing form, the Spotlight feature instantly sheds light on where it’s recorded.

Image annotation

Crafted for the artistically challenged, ProntoForms has added an arrow shape for pointing out areas of concern on site photos. Rather than try to draw arrows freehand, this feature lets field workers add a new layer of precision to site photos, allowing them to pinpoint the exact area of the photo that warrants a closer look.


The feedback we continually receive from our Beta testers allows us to incorporate customer insights into our latest developments and provide agile, sophisticated features that align with the latest OS updates and allow for rapid, accurate field data collection.

Colin Johnstone contributed to this article.

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